INTERFACE Intuitive operation without stopping thoughts

Drawing concepts not found in conventional CAD are incorporated. Adding 3D information to each 2D part drawing enables three-dimensionalization from the drawing, 2D designing while displaying 3D model in the drawing, and insertion of 3D model in the drawing etc. We provide hybrid design environment with unique technology combining drawing and modeling, which makes it easy for the operator to visually confirm and judge, and allows intuitive operation without interruption of thought.

Ribbon Menu

Ribbon menu similar to Microsoft Office is newly supported. Working efficiency can be improved by customizing it to display frequently-used commands in each working area.

Input Assist

Input assist function is available to support input operations that take time. You can easily input relative coordinates from the target point without using construction line, and quickly select the desired edge group for modeling by selecting the section edge.

Preceding Selection

Menu selection is possible after selecting an element. It is possible to create drawings intuitively.


Sub-view, which can provide simultaneous display and operation of Drawing View and Model View, is now supported. During modeling, it is now possible to improve operability and visibility, such as by selecting Outline Figure = Drawing View, by specifying that Height = Model View, etc.

Process Manager / Machining Area Tree (CAM Option)

Workpiece, Machine tool, Front/Back, Part information, etc. are displayed in detail by tree structure. It is possible to change and confirm the machining order, as well as processed, suppressed, defined and deleted for each node. Process to create NC data can be simplified.

Launcher / ToolBox

Operating environment with excellent usability is freely customizable. It is more operable to register frequently-used commands at Command Launcher, and more efficient to call for information instantly once you register such as frequently-used drawings, EXCEL list, or parts/hole data in Tool Box.

Line Width Display

Line width of 2D figures and edge width of 3D models can be set to display on the screen. For 2D figures, the line width for printing is automatically set from the line color and width of the figures. For 3D models, you can set the width by the edge type, such as wire, surface, solid, etc. Visibility of drawings and models improves by setting according to intended use.

3D Mouse

3D mouse is supported for Zoom in/out or Rotation of 3D model. It shows the power in modeling. ( * Made by 3D Connexion Corporation)

Abundant conversion parameters reduce man-hours after the conversion by supporting standard and major CAD formats. In addition, CATIA-V5 data can be imported with an option.

Seamless data coordination between CGS products is realized. It is possible to transfer model data or machining hole attributes data.

Module "CATIA-V5 Translator" is required
Module "Desig- 3D" is required
There is no export feature in the "Base" module.
Data format for CG Series (Add-in CAD/CAM System for SOLIDWORKS)
Data format "gmd" for CAM-TOOL (High-Accuracy CAM System)
Import Export *1
  • 2D/3D-IGES
  • Parasolid
  • CATIA V5 *
  • STEP
  • IDI
  • BMI
  • exlnk *2
  • gmd *3
  • 2D-IGES
  • BMI
  • 3D-IGES **
  • Parasolid **
  • STL **

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