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The Personal Information Protection Policy of C&G SYSTEMS INC. (Adress:2-2-24 Higashi-shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0002 Japan)(hereinafter referred to as “CGS”) is as follows.

1. In the handling of personal information (hereinafter meaning information as provided for in the Act on the Protection of Personal Information of Japan and other related laws and regulations (collectively, “Personal Information Protection Act, Etc.”) such as information about a living individual which can identify a specific individual), CGS shall observe and comply with Personal Information Protection Act, Etc. and this Protection Policy.

2. CGS shall acquire personal information by appropriate means. The acquired personal information will be utilized for the following purposes. If intending to utilize personal information for a purpose other than the below purposes, the consent of the subject of the personal information will be obtained in advance. As well, CGS shall not collect special care-required personal information (sensitive information) without obtaining the consent of the subject in advance except as provided for in Personal Information Protection Act, Etc. The website of CGS shall automatically collect information such IP address and Cookies, website views, etc. and shall use such information in the facilitation of services provided by the website such as understanding the use situation and improvement of usability in addition to calculating traffic to the website. Please see “Website Information Management Policy” for details.

(Personal information CGS acquires)

Types of personal informationPurpose of useMeans of acquisitionOutsourcingDetails of outsourced services
Personal information relating to customers and business partnersProvide notice and contact relating to work such as doing proposals, services, seminars, questionnaires, etc.Directly acquired from individual (business cards, email, etc.)YesSending invitations, etc., and administrative office work for events and seminars
Personal information of shareholders and investors-Exercising rights and performing obligations under CGS's Act and other laws and regulations
-Provision by CGS of various benefits for shareholder status
-Holding various IR events
-Acquired from administrator of shareholder registry
-Directly acquired from individual (business cards, email, etc.)
Yes-Sending general meeting of shareholders convocation notices, or of Shareholder’s Newsletters
-Administrative office work for IR events
Personal information relating to employees of CGSVarious business operations, development of business promotion systems, personnel affairs measuresDirectly acquired from individualYesSpecified separately in-house
Personal information of persons desiring to join CGSWork and communication associated with recruitment, hiring, and screening activities; questionnaires as reference for future recruitment activities; post-hiring human resources dataDirectly acquired from individualYesRecruitment-related work overall, screening, schedule coordination, liaison work, conducting questionnaires and aggregation, etc.

3. CGS shall handle personal information only within the scope of the utilization purposes above except when the consent of the subject is obtained in advance or when the personal information should be treated exceptionally under the Personal Information Protection Act, Etc.

4. CGS shall not provide personal information to a third party except when the consent of the subject is obtained in advance or when the personal information should be treated exceptionally under the Personal Information Protection Act, Etc. CGS may entrust personal information to another operator within the scope required to achieve the utilization purpose in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act, Etc.

5. CGS shall endeavor to keep the content accurate and up to date within the scope of the utilization purpose of the handled personal data (hereinafter meaning personal information constituting a personal information database, etc. and "a personal information database, etc." means an assembly of information including personal information which is a database specified by the related Cabinet Order as a database systematically organized so that specific personal information can be easily searched as in a social registry in addition to an electronic database) and when the utilization becomes no longer necessary, CGS shall endeavor to erase such personal data without delay. As well, after the retention period designated by CGS, it shall destroy such handled personal data sequentially in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act, Etc. CGS shall take necessary and appropriate measures to prevent unauthorized external access to personal data and risks as loss, damage, destruction, tampering and leak of personal data and supervise employees and contractors to safely manage the personal data.

6. Concerning retained personal data (this means personal data for which CGS has the authority to disclose, correct, etc. the content, excluding data specified by a Cabinet Order as harmful to the public or other interests if its presence or absence is known), if the person desires its disclosure, after confirming that the person who made the request is the subject of the information, CGS will reply in writing in principle, within a reasonable period and scope. In addition, if the person desires to correct, add, delete, suspend the use or provision of the information to a third party (hereinafter collectively referred to as “correction, etc.”), after confirming that the person who made the request is the subject of the information, CGS will correct, etc. the information in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, etc. within a reasonable period and scope. We would like to request you to apply for each of the above requests from the “Inquiries regarding personal information (request for disclosure, etc.)” page.

7. CGS shall endeavor to promptly and properly respond to inquiries and complaints from the subject regarding handled personal information and prepare an internal system for that purpose.

8. CGS shall periodically review and continously endeavor to improve the structures for personal information protection including this Protection Policy.

Seiichi Shiota, Representative Director and President

Established July 2, 2007
Revised January 1, 2010
Revised November 1, 2014
Revised January 1, 2017
Revised October 1, 2017
Revised July 2, 2018
Revised October 1, 2019
Revised January 1, 2022

Contact for inquiries about personal information

[Contact for inquiries about personal information]

Service hours 9:00 ~ 17:30
(* excluding Saturday, holidays, and CGS’s holidays including New Year holidays and summer holidays)

(Customers, trade partners, suppliers)

Please make inquiries to the following offices in Japan.

 Tokyo Office, TEL:03-6864-0780
 Ohmiya Office, TEL: 048-615-1921
 Matsumoto Office, TEL: 0263-44-5001
 Nagoya Office, TEL: 052-979-2091 
 Osaka Office, TEL: 06-6831-7510
 Kyushu Office, TEL: 093-642-4543
 Overseas Sales Dpt., TEL: 03-6864-0781

In addition to the above
shareholders, investors, recruitment applicants and workers, etc.

Administration Department: TEL:03-6864-0777

Website Information Management Policy

  1. Name of website provider collecting information
  2.  Information to be collected
    IP address, date, time and duration of viewing, reference page(s), reference file(s), name of OS, OS version, web browser, web browser version, search string, reference source web page and/or Cookies.
    2-1. Cookies
    Cookies are data (text files) that are temporarily written in and saved on customers’ computer through the web browser to enable customers to view our websites more conveniently. We may use Cookies in order to understand the status of use by customers of our website and to enable our customers to more comfortably use our website. Customers who do not wish us to use their Cookie information may block acceptance of Cookies by changing the browser’s setting. Please contact the software manufacture in regard to how to change the setting of each browser software.
  3. Methods of collection
    Automatic collection
  4. Identification and clarification of purpose of use
    For the purpose to aggregate the access results to the website as well as to ensure smooth implementation of service provided by the website such as by understanding the status of use of the website and enhancing the usability of the website.
    4-1 Use of Google Analytics
    This website uses the access analysis tool “Google Analytics” that is a service offered by Google. Google Analytics uses Cookies to collect access information. This access information is collected anonymously and does not identify individuals. If customers wish to stop the analysis by Google Analytics, measurement may be invalidated by down loading and installing the “Google Analytics Opt-out Add-on” provided by Google on the browser you use.

    ・Google Analytics Terms of Service: https://marketingplatform.google.com/about/analytics/terms/jp/
    ・Google Privacy Policy: https://policies.google.com/privacy?hl=ja
    ・Google Analytics Opt-out Add-on: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout

    Additionally, to want to confirm “use of data by Google when users use Google Partner sites and apps,” click here.

    4-2 Use of BowNow
    On our product website (https://www.cgsys.co.jp/jp/products/), we use the marketing automation tool (BowNow) provided by Cloud Circus Inc., to manage and measure the access status of the website. In this regard, Cookies are used to collect information such as customer’s browsing history information. This collected information does not include information that identify individuals; however, we may send information mail regarding our products and services and conduct PR activities by linking the personal information that we are provided from our customers and our collected browsing history information, and referring to Cookies saved on our customer’s computer. Customers may invalid such measurement by opting out of such Cookies.
    Please note that resetting will become necessary in events such as conducting changes to the browser, deletion of Cookies and changes to a new PC.

    ・BowNow (Privacy policy of Cloud Circus Inc.): https://cloudcircus.jp/privacy/
    ・BowNow (Cloud Circus BowNow Privacy Policy): https://cloudcircus.jp/bownow_privacy/
    ・BowNow (Opt-out): https://www.cgsys.co.jp/jp/products/optout/

  5. Methods of notification, publication and obtaining consent; methods of user involvement
    Such methods are set forth in the “Personal Information Protection Policy” in CGS’s website.
  6. Customer Service
    Address: Tennoz Central Tower 19 Fl., 2-2-24 Higashi-shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0002
    Tel: +81-(0)3-6864-0777
    Business hours: 9:00 – 17:30(excluding Saturday and holidays and New Year holidays)
  7. Procedures for changes in the Privacy Policy
    Any changes shall be notified on CGS’s homepage.
    Please refer to our “Personal Information Protection Policy” for details of any matter not set forth in this “Website Information Management Policy”.

Established July 2, 2018
Reviced October 1, 2019
Reviced March 1, 2023