Social Media Policy / Social Media Terms of Use

Social Media Policy

C&G Systems Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “C&G”) shall observe the following stance and attitude with respect to communications through its social medial official accounts with users, sales outlets, shareholders and all persons who use its social media official accounts (hereinafter referred to as “Stakeholders”).

Purpose of Participation in Social Media

C&G will perform promotion, communication activities and PR activities using a variety of social media for the purpose of building better relationships with Stakeholders.

Basic Stance upon Participation in Social Media

C&G’s executives and employees will, upon use of Social Media, hold communications with Stakeholders in a good faith stance as working adults with good moral sense, in accordance with the laws and regulations, and the Compliance Code of Conduct C&G provides.

Attitude of C&G’s Executives and Employees upon Participation in Social Media

The attitudes that C&G’s executives and employees must have when participating in social media privately or on business are as follows:

【Cautions for Person in Charge of Social Media Official Accounts of C&G】

Compliance with Laws and Regulations

For Those Who Use Social Media

Social Media Terms of Use

When using the official social media accounts C&G operates, please read and comply with the following Social Media Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as “TOU”). The TOU shall be applicable to all users (hereinafter referred to as “Users”) who use the official social media accounts C&G operates and the services provided incidental thereto (hereinafter referred to as the “Services”).


1.Official social media accounts C&G operate

Social mediaURL


C&G Systems Inc.


Provision of various information from individual companies in the C&G Systems Group

4.Time zone for posting

9:00 am-5:30 pm weekdays

(Except for Saturdays and Sundays, national holidays, New-Year holidays and non-business day specified by C&G) Note that posting may be done on the dates and at times other than shown above.

5.Operation period

Operation of the Services may be halted and the Services may be deleted with no prior announcement.

Access to basic information

  1. C&G will access all basic information of Users open to the public due to account settings such as name and profile, photo, gender and friend list, etc.
  2. Users shall be deemed to have agreed with the TOU with the use of the Services.


  1. C&G does not undertake any obligation to guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the information in the Services.
  2. C&G will assume no responsibility for any damage caused by the User’s use or inability to use the Services.
  3. C&G will assume no responsibility for content posted by Users.
  4. C&G will bear no liability for any trouble or dispute between Users or between Users and third parties related to the Services.
  5. C&G does not promise to reply to User posts without fail.
  6. The Services are operated by the system of each social media provider, and C&G makes no guarantee of the functionality or safety of social media. In addition, C&G is not obligated to answer questions about the operational status, method of use, or technical questions about social media systems.

Matters for Observance in Use

1.Users shall not engage in the following acts in the use of the Services (including acts of posting linked URLs including the following acts or language):

2.C&G may delete the information and contents posted on the site by the User, block access or posting to the Services, or take other necessary measures without notifying the User in advance.

3.If any damage is incurred by C&G due to a User’s actions, C&G may claim damages from the User.

Intellectual Property Rights

  1. In the Services, intellectual property rights such as copyrights, (including moral rights of the author, the same shall apply hereinafter) related to postings made by a User belongs to the User who makes the posting, but the User shall be deemed to have licensed the right to use (including processing, excerpting, duplication, publication, translation, etc.) the posted content free of charge worldwide and non-exclusively to C&G, and also deemed to have agreed not to exercise copyrights, etc. against C&G.
  2. Users shall not perform reproduction, distribution, publishing or public transmission of any information and content, etc. obtained through the Services for any purpose other than private use. Moreover, Users may not use information and contents, etc. in the Services beyond the scope allowed under the Copyright Act without permission. In addition, use for any profit making purpose is absolutely prohibited.
  3. If any problem should arise between a User and a rights holder in breach of the preceding paragraphs, the User shall settle the problem at its own responsibility and expense.

Personal Information

Personal information acquired by C&G will be properly managed in accordance with Privacy Policy of C&G.

Revision of these Terms of Use

C&G may revise the TOU without obtaining the agreement of Users, and revised TOU shall come into effect as of the time when it is posted on the C&G website.

Jurisdiction and governing law

The TOU shall be governed by the laws of Japan. Any disputes arising between a User and C&G shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Tokyo District Court as court of first instance.