We Challenge the Limit of the Productivity

For People and Society Satisfaction and Relief

We take the problems at the MONOZUKURI site seriously and suggest the best solutions utilizing the benefits of the “self-developed software” and, advancing the research and development of the next generation software actively, aim for its continuous development by utilize the management resources effectively.
All technologies are for the people and the society. We will keep delivering them “Satisfaction and Relief”.


You can watch C&G System’s introductory movie at YouTube.

You can watch C&G System’s introductory movie at YouTube.

Mission Statement

All MONOZUKURI starts with designing and proceeds to machining. Maximizing our customers’ benefits by fully increasing their producibility through CAD/CAM software is to maximize our own productivity and crate a virtuous cycle to form the richer society.

"We Challenge the Limit of Productivity" - Based on this business creed, we realize our stakeholders’ bright future.

Management Philosophy

We will contribute to the development of manufacturing (monozukuri in Japanese) in the world as a CAD/CAM solution maker, representing the technology-oriented nation, Japan.

Basic Stance

  1.  We will give first priority to our customers’ satisfaction and reliance.
  2.  We will aim to make full use of our business resources in order to achieve   sustained development.
  3.  We will go on acting with conviction and hope as well as with all our smiles.
  4. We will attempt to brew our corporate culture so that it will nurture enriched creativity among us and let us share the joy of working.

About Our Logo

Our logo shown left consists of the initials, ‘C,’ ‘G,’ and ‘S,’ standing for Creative, Global, and Solution respectively.  The design forms a rectangle extending from left to right, which expresses stability with its colors implying the sky, the sea, nature, and the sun, all of which relate to the earth and environments. They are increasingly more often dealt with in society and in our field. We believe that this motif brings about youthfulness and strength.

We put up “Creative & Global & Solution” as our corporate slogan.  We will provide our users with the optimized solutions for each of their manufacturing processes for mold and die.  The slogan design shown left represents “strength and reliability” graphically with strong ties between “C: Creative” and “G: Global” and “S: Solution” offered by our company, whose logo also consists of the three.

Business Domain

We provide IT solutions for the trial and mass MONOZUKURI production market. The familiar products like home appliances such as “TV", “refrigerator", "washing machine”; communication equipment such as “PC", “tablet", “smartphone”; and the products in advanced fields such as “automobile", “airplane", “robot", “environment”, "medical care” - All the things in the worlds are supported by advanced Japanese MONOZUKURI.

Universally Growing Mold Industry

"Super precise", "super fine", "super light", "super thin", "super big" - All those “super” industrial products are made with high quality Japanese “KANAGATA (dies and molds)". The 20% of the people in the world are said to be being benefited by it, and so will the rest of the 80% in the future.

Advances into the “Super” Fields

We will keep our insistence on the “speciality" of high precision and high quality Japanese “super” mold manufacturing and, by anticipating the changes in the mass production technology that keeps diversifying and upgrading, make further advances into the worthy software that contributes to the further labor saving in MONOZUKURI and optimization of it in the fields like the mold manufacturing.

Global Business

Besides the domestic locations, we have our local technology staff stationed in Indonesia (a technical center in Jakarta), Vietnam (a technical center in Hanoi), Thailand (a subsidiary in Bangkok), and North America (a subsidiary in Canada). We will enhance the cooperation between each base and support our customers’ overseas business expansion and their business tie-ups with overseas companies from a professional CAD/CAM manufacturer’s point of view.。

Growing Asia

The market of the Asian emerging countries is growing. We have set our Thai subsidiary (in Bangkok) as the hub of the ASEAN market and put a technical center in Indonesia (in Jakarta) and Vietnam(in Hanoi). We also develop community-based support in East Asia like our general agencies in Korea, China and Taiwan.

Thai Topics

At our Thai subsidiary, CGS Asia Co., Ltd. (CGS Asia: Bangkok), a private seminar called “Technology JAM” planned and run by the company’s Thai stuff is held every year. In this seminar, under the concept of “The Seminar by the Thai for the Thai”, they give presentations to the local mold companies and hold the sample exhibitions by Japanese production goods manufactures and give positive suggestions to the visitors in collaboration with the local companies.