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Nagoya Precision Mold Co., Ltd.

As expected, CAM TOOL can also be applied to 5 axis machining.

Since its establishment back in 1975, our client, Nagoya Precision Mold Co., Ltd., has been engaged in the beginning to end processes from the designing to the manufacturing of molds for plastic injection molding, and has been expanding its business globally. They have not only their domestic bases: the headquarter that doubles as their main plant in Aichi Prefecture, the Kumamoto plant and Miyazaki plant in Kyushu, but also overseas bases in 2 countries: Vietnam and Indonesia. By placing bases around the world, the company quickly gathers information for products such as car headlights, also known as the face of a car, or combination lamps, indeed a remarkable technological innovation, and then develops cutting edge mold manufacturing technology in house to realize fast and high quality mold making. They installed CAM TOOL Simultaneous 5 Axis CAM Modules in 2013. Significant results in reducing lead time have been achieved since they started fully fledged mold manufacturing by using 5 axis machining. Today, let’s hear from Mr. Goto, manufacturing director; Mr. Sonoda, manager of the design division at the Miyazaki plant; and Mr. Kamata, system design staff of the design division at the Kumamoto plant.


Improve bottlenecks by introduction of “Surface Plus”, reducing man hours for mold model editing down by 40%!!

Our client, SANKO LITE INDUSTRIES CO., LTD., designs and manufactures the molds, and then processes, paints and assembles housing parts of communication devices, such as mobile phones and PHS phones, in addition to automobile components, plastic tableware and many others. While many Japanese manufacturing industries are developing their manufacturing bases outside of Japan, SANKO LITE INDUSTRIES CO., LTD. Takes “MADE IN JAPAN” as their policy and puts their best effort into manufacturing luxurious, high quality products, based in Japan. Today, let’s hear from Mr. Takayama and Mr. Okada of the Sales Technology Department/Mold Section in the Nakahara Plant, where the Mold Manufacturing Division is located.


Only one year after the introduction of CAM-TOOL, Showa was able to reduce man-hours significantly.

SHOWA MOLD & ENGINEERING is based in Tokushima, founded in 1937 as a manufacturer of precision equipment,They’re designing and manufacturing the molds & dies of large plastic parts, including interior parts such as door panels and instrument panel of the car, and exterior parts such as bumper and extension headlamps, OA equipment, the main case frame of office equipment. They introduced CAM-TOOL, taking advantage of reform process in 2011, manufacturing group to operate the machine actually and CAM group worked on molds & dies manufacturing reform, and they have achieved significant results. Today, we interviewed to the representatives of each group and Mr.Fukuyama is a managing director advocate the process reform.

Rice Engineering & Operating Ltd.

Achieved no hand polishing for production product. They needed 1 hour or 2 hours for polishing before CAM-TOOL.

Our new customer, Rice Engineering & Operating Ltd., Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, was able to eliminate hand polishing after production machining with the simultaneous 5 Axis Module of CAM-TOOL Version5. This cutting sample, “Manifold for aircraft” was machined by Rice Engineering, and the NC program was provided by Graphic Products North America(1). (The following pictures are taken by the customer.) It was roughed by 3+2 axis machining and then finished by Undercut Z-level Finishing. Our high accuracy tool path using CAM-TOOL’s surface calculation method and smoothing control for 5 Axis machining achieved the best surface finish.

Case Study

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OTA Co., Ltd.

Reduced lead time for press design by moving away from combined system use!

OTA Co., Ltd. was established in Matsumoto, Nagano in 1971. This company excels at metal stamping of difficult-to-machine materials, and also designs and manufactures precision progressive dies. The metal press parts designed are gaskets and brackets for automobiles. Today, we interviewed Mr. Shugo Ota (President), Mr. Takayuki Kato (Design Manager), and Mr. Junichi Kato (Chief Engineer).

Mr. Ota (President): “We are “R & D oriented company” that can achieve unrealizable goals. We are constantly striving to satisfy our customers by pursuing speed, quality and thorough cost reduction. In the days of the former president, everyone told us that it would be better to add our specialty to the company name because we excel with press dies. However, we chose the name "OTA Co., Ltd." to avoid the image of a company specializing in die manufacturing or press working. We are a company that provides technology, services and time to our customers.”

Muramoto Industry Co., Ltd.

Significantly reduce the required man-hours in intermediate modeling process for drawing press die by utilizing newly developed surface functions!!

Muramoto Industry Co., Ltd. has several production facilities in Japan and overseas, dealing with not only a wide variety of die/mold manufacturing, such as automotive parts, home appliances and information appliances, but also product assembly as well. Among them, Kobe Factory 1, located in Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture, does the designing and manufacturing of press dies, plus the manufacturing and assembly of tools and automatic assembly equipment. Today, we hear from Mr. Saiki, Mr. Tanaka and Mr. Kondo, of the Die Manufacturing Section of the Design/Die Group.

Case Study

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OMRON Corporation | Electronic & Mechanical Component Business Company

Omron introduced CG PressDesign on year 2011 as design system of precision metal stamping, and going toward the 50% less of delivery time by fully 3D die design and optimize of die design process.

Omron is providing important equipments such as control equipment of FA and electric parts, health and medical equipment in to the world. And Electronic & mechanical Component Business Company (herewith OMRON EG) is design center of Mold & Die for OMRON group in the world, and they are designing press precision parts and injection mold precision parts for relay device, switch, connector parts. We met Mr. Takagi / Product manager, Mr. Sawa and Mr. Kaigai and interview them about CG PressDesign.

Forming Solutions Inc.

With the introduction of CG CAM-TOOL, the trial production period is shortened from 1 week to 3 days !!

They recognized a need for Thermoforming in the Minnesota area having spent fifteen years in the industry. They did thermoforming consulting/designing/prototyping/engineering services for both the heavy gauge and thin gauge vacuum forming industries and for many years had farmed out the actual mold machining and creation. At a certain point they decided that they should include the mold manufacturing in their business, and set out to find a CNC Machine and CAM Software that they could quickly and easily learn to use so they could be producing molds in their own facilities. This needed to happen quickly and easily so they could still take care of their other responsibilities without hiring additional personnel.

Case Study

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The SHINSEI KOGYO CO., LTD. style "Work Style Reform" through Order Management ~ To grow orders ~

Mr. Hiromitsu Hamano became the second-generation president of SHINSEI KOGYO CO., LTD. in 2012. The challenge at the time was to further develop the foundation established by the former president. In order to keep being told that "There is a great group that designers and manufacturer molds in Okayama." The Process Management System AIQ has been in operation since 2017 with the aim of breaking away from orders that rely on experience and intuition. We asked Mr. Hamano about the issues before the introduction of AIQ, the effects after the introduction, and future issues.