CAD/CAM System for Additive Manufacturing

 Laser Metal Deposition / Fused Deposition Modeling  

CAD/CAM System for Additive Manufacturing 

Manufacturing innovation by "CAM-TOOL" beyond milling !

Combine certain technologies accumulated so far

"CAM-TOOL AM" is a compound CAM system capable of simultaneous 5-axis control, which is equipped with a new machining mode to generate LMD (Laser Metal Deposition) or FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) stacked forming paths in CAM-TOOL. A new process design combining additive manufacturing (additional machining) and conventional cutting (removal processing) can be carried out in one system. The laminating process achieves the same operation as the conventional cutting process, enabling the operator to create data without any special operation from shape setting to pass output.

CAM-TOOL will contribute to the creation of new products through the fusion of advanced technologies with proven technologies cultivated in cutting.

LMD(Laser Metal Deposition)
The LMD method where metal powder is supplied to the laser irradiation position from the nozzle, then metal dissolves and solidifies.
FDM(Fused Deposition Modeling)
The FDM method where melted resin is ejected from the nozzle, then resin is deposited and solidifies.

About new processing mode "LMD"

  • New Cutting Mode "LMD" mode generates passes for laminate molding by specifying the shapes and base faces to be formed by laminating. Various special parameters make it possible to create paths that fit various shapes.
  • You can stack them on any freeform surface, not just planar or cylindrical surfaces. CAM-TOOL provides powerful surface modeling capabilities to help you create more flexible paths.
  • Lamination pass can be created with the same operation as the cutting mode of CAM-TOOL.

Supports simultaneous 5-axis lamination pass

  • It supports not only 3-axis but also simultaneous 5-axis operation.
  • Equipped with a machine simulation function, you can check the interference and stroke of the equipment as well as the tool path.

New process design combining layered manufacturing and cutting

  • You can design machining processes that combine additive manufacturing and cutting. It is possible to cut the laminated shape and to laminate the cut shape.
  • Newly developed a function to generate stock shapes from the created stack path. A cutting path can be created without waste using the shape formed by lamination.
  • Even in machining processes that combine lamination and cutting, simulations that match the process are automatically executed.

1. AM(3+2 Axis)

2. Milling(3D)

3. AM(Simultaneous 5-axis)

4. Milling(Simultaneous 5-axis)

CAM-TOOL AM (LMD)Operation example

 CAM-TOOL AM(LMD)Operation Movie(*Japanese)

It does not require STL data or slice data, and directly generates modeling passes and machining passes after modeling from 3D CAD data.

  • Create high-quality NC data for modeling from CAD data (IGES, STEP data, etc.).
  • In order to reduce the weight, it is possible to create a laminating path in which the inside of the model is cut into a mesh.(honeycomb structure)
  • High-precision and smooth surface finish is realized by the proven high-quality cutting NC output (CAM engine).
  • Users can build modeling and processing processes suitable for the shape of the part.
  • Reduces verification man-hours through lamination simulation

1. Model decomposition(Hub/Wing)

2. AM/3D(Hub) | 3. Milling/5-Axis(Hub)

4. AM/5-Axis(Wing) | 5. Milling/5-Axis(Wing)

Die Casting(5-Axis AM)

Machining:OKUMAMU-6300 LASER EX Tooling:MOLDINO


Blade(5-Axis AM)



Rocket engine parts(5-Axis AM)



Fin(5-Axis AM)



CAM-TOOL AM(LMD) has been developed by C&G SYSTEMS INC. adopting the results of the technology development project contracted to Technology Research Association for Future Additive Manufacturing (TRAFAM) by New Energy and Industrial Development Organization, a National Research and Development Agency.

CAM-TOOL AM(LMD)can cooperate with the manufacturing recipe and the thermal deformation simulation service provided by Metal Additive Manufacturing Support System Co., Ltd.


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