SYSTEM MODULE 5 Axis Milling

High precision and high efficiency 5-axis processing for Mold & Die Makers

Perform optimum processing considering shape characteristics

To improve machining efficiency and accuracy in 5-axis machining, it is necessary to consider the characteristics of parts of the mold shape. For this reason, the key is to minimize the movement of the rotating shaft as much as possible, and to reduce the tool thrust length so that conditions are not dropped. By making full use of simultaneous 5-axis machining and 5-axis positioning, CAM-TOOL can reduce setup changes and tool load, and realize an ideal, high-efficiency, high-precision 5-axis machining that does not fall off the machine until the workpiece is set and completed.

3+2 Axis CAM Module

Provides the precise 5-axis machining by the same operation as 3-axis.

Multiple job setups would be required when machining can’t be finished from one direction. These multiple setups prevent the efficient and accurate cutting of the mold or component, because the work piece has to be manually re-positioned, re-indicated, and picked up again before machining can continue. 3+2 axis machining with CAM-TOOL eliminates the extra setups by machining from different directions, and improves both efficiency and the accuracy.

Determination of Machining Direction

Provides a variety of commands such as “Undercut Check”, “Extract FlatPart”, and “Angle Shading” for determining the machining direction needed for 3+2 axis machining. Specifying work plane for determining machining direction, plus saving and returning to the work plane setting can be done with a simple operation.

Optimization from Multiple Directions

Optimization for 3+2 axis machining can be performed effectively after CAM calculation. Optimizations such as “Simulation” that includes displaying undercut areas and “Delete air-cut” by machining from multiple directions, make it possible to provide efficient and highly reliable machining data.

5 Axis CAM Module

Maximizes the performance of 5-axis machining

Our Simultaneous 5-Axis Machining produces the highest quality surface finish by controlling the rotation axes smoothly with minimum change of the tilt axes. In our Simultaneous 5-Axis Machining, 3-axis cutter paths are converted into Simultaneous 5-axis cutter paths by a “5-axis conversion function”. This is a mechanism of attaching tool vector data without changing the cutter locus. This method does not require any specific skill or understanding of Simultaneous 5-Axis Machining that’s been a burden to operators, and it generates the most efficient cutter paths.

5-axis Conversion Function

Creates 5-Axis Simultaneous tool paths by adding the information about tool direction to 3-axis tool paths. In converting tool paths, “smoothing control” adjusts the tilt axis and rotation axis to make the Machine Tool move more smoothly. It is also possible to have the tool tilt gradually before the point where the tool direction changes rapidly. These functions provide the highest quality finished surfaces.

 Simultaneous 5-axis Conversion (Auto)

 smoothing control

5-axis Conversion tool path

Conversion example:
Base Surface ( Rough Cutting / Side Finishing / Bottom Finishing )

Swarf Cutting

Machines by a side of cutter along wall. It is possible to machine the stock step by step in both direction step over and step down.

Undercut Curve Control Along Surface

Outputs the cutter path along the surface for the undercut shape.

Z-level Undercut Finishing

Generates tool paths for undercut shapes.It also supports spiral machining.

Undercut Re-machining

Re-machining machines the corner where the previous tool don’t machine. This new 5Axis cutting mode machines the corner same as Re-machining even if the area has undercut.


G01 cycled drilling data for multi- directional holes can be processed by single profile. It is allowed to create safe and efficient drilling data, corresponding to "Check Interference", "Cutting Simulation" and " Machine Simulation".

Automatic interference avoidance

Collision of Tool, Chuck and Holder with the shape can be avoided by controlling tilting axis automatically. Change tool direction gradually to avoid drastic change of tool direction. It minimizes the cutting mark.

barrel and lens cutter.

Supports barrel and lens cutter. Combined with simultaneous 5axis machining achieving the highest efficiency.

Machine Simulation Module

The engine we developed leads to high-speed simulation

Possible to detect CL interference against the component parts of machine-tool, and verify stroke-range for each axis. Utilizing the same GUI as "Simultaneous 5-axis Editor" provides the consecutive and user-friendly environment for easy operation.

Postprocessor Module

Compatible with major NC controllers

Using the NC Machine Parameter File format,the major CNC controller are available. NC data can be output by simple settings. Various type of 5 axis machine tools such as Head rotation type, Table rotation type and Mixed type, are available.

  • 5-axis positioning compliant:
    Tool Center Positioning Control / Tilted working plane command
  • 5-axis Simultaneous compliant:
    Tool Center Positioning Control


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