Feature of CG Series

Know the features of CG Series

CG Series is based on SOLIDWORKS® which is a high-performing in between design to manufacturing and it is 3D CAD/CAM system which has consistency of each options you can do add-on, such as option of press design "CG PressDesign", mold design "CG MoldDesign" and machining "CG CAM-TOOL". There are many applications that can do add-on to SOLIDWORKS®, but no company can provide press design, analysis and CAM as one company but only us. and also, It is the software for mold design which have received an award of gold product by Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks at first among Japanese manufacturer.
*Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks(US site): CG Press DesignCG Mold DesignCG CAM-TOOL

3D design system for Progressive Press Die. Many specialized functions are available for press die design such as powerful blank/partial drawing development function, layout design function linked with product shape change, die structure design function supporting numerous standard parts.

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3D design system for Mold at middle and small size parts. Numerous functions specialized in mold design are available, such as shrinkage function, cavicore division function, slide design function, ejector pin creation function, electrode creation function, die Structure design function supporting numerous standard parts.

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New CAM system aimed at mold/die machining for middle and small size parts, which keeps high accuracy and high quality as it is, pursuing easy operation. The polygon & surface engine which is well-established in CAM-TOOL" realizes high precision and high efficiency machining.

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System Configuration & Requirements

Add-in configuration for easy system expansion


SOLIDWORKS®2023(SP1 / SP3 / SP5)<

SOLIDWORKS®2022(SP1 / SP2 / SP3.1 / SP5)

SOLIDWORKS®2021(SP1 / SP4.1 / SP5.1)

SOLIDWORKS®2020(SP1 / SP4 / SP5)

SOLIDWORKS®2019(SP2 / SP4 / SP5)

SOLIDWORKS®2018(SP1 / SP4 / SP5)

SOLIDWORKS®2017(SP2 / SP3 / SP4.1 / SP5)

Compliant with SOLIDWORKS®, Native correspondence is carried out at the 64-bit OS environment. It was released from memory restrictions and comfortable work environment is realized also to large scale. SOLIDWORKS®System Requirements


  • Windows® 11 Pro 64bit
  • Windows® 11 Education 64bit
  • Windows® 10 Pro 64bit
  • Windows® 10 Education 64bit


Multi-Core Processor


16GB or more


80GB or more


3D Acceleration OpenGL board
(NVIDIA® Quadro Series)
Memory 1GB or more

NEW Function of CG Series

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2D & 3D Hybrid CAD/CAM System for Molds / Dies

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5-Axis MC Compatible High-end CAM System

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AIQ (Activity Inductrial Quality)

Process Management System for Molds / Parts

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