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Customer Support and Maintenance Service Agreement

[CGS-Customer] is available to users who have newly added CG Series solutions products to their system, or who have the software license. CGS-Customer provides the best solutions to address the needs required for the system operation, to users who use CGS solutions products.

From a support site, a corrected version system is downloadable.

The password has distinguished the large/small letter.
A password is updated for every upgrade.
If you have forgotten your password, please contact us.

A special engineer replies to various technical inquiries, such as the operation method, quickly.

For details on the "Customer Support and Maintenance Service Agreement" and how to join, please contact your sales representative or your nearest sales representative.


Jun.14,2024 | Tooling DB Updated

May.27,2024 | Tooling DB Updated

Jan.22,2024 | For SOLIDWORKS 2023 SP5.0 Released

Jan.12,2024 | Important Notice Regarding Microsoft Windows 10

Dec.01,2023 | Important Notice about Microsoft Windows11

Dec.01,2023 | CG CAM-TOOL Updated

Nov.06,2023 | Tooling DB Updated

Nov.06,2023 | Important Notice about Microsoft Windows11

Sep.26,2023 | Tooling DB Updated

Sep.08,2023 | CG CAM-TOOL Updated

Sep.01,2023 | Tooling DB Updated


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