Purpose and Basic Attitude

Our company discloses our information to gain and maintain the trust from our shareholders, investors, customers, and society and ensure the proper formation of stock prices based on the proper evaluation of our company’s one. Our basic attitude towards this goal is to provide our policies, strategies, and company information on financial situations and such others timely, correctly, fairly, and clearly in IR activities respecting the purport and the significance of the “Fair Disclosure Rules” (hereafter the “FD Rules”.)

Standard of Disclosure

Our company discloses our information according to laws and ordinances like the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, the corporation law, and “the Rules on the Listing of Securities” (hereafter “the Timely Disclosure Rules”) set by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Also, we intend to disclose the information that is not relevant to the Timely Disclosure Rules such as IR materials from our financial results briefings and others, shareholders’ correspondence, company reports and so on actively and fairly respecting the purport and significance of the FD Rules to meet the investors’ demand.

Disclosing Measures

We will disclose our information based on the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act though the Financial Services Agency’s electronic disclosure system (DINET) that handles disclosure documents like annual securities reports, and the information under the Timely Disclosure Rules through the Tokyo Stock Exchange’s timely disclosure information exchange system (TDnet) after we report it to the TSE following the said rules. Furthermore, after a timely disclosure, we release the same information to the press trough “KABUTOKURABU”, the press club within the TSE.

We publish the disclosed information on this website as promptly as possible after we register it on EDINET and TDnet. We will also successively publish the information that is not relevant to the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act or the Timely Disclosure Rules respecting the purport and significance of the FD Rules when we decide the informations helps investors to understand our company and make their investment decisions.

Prevention of Insider Trading

We have set the "Insider Trading Prevention Regulations” and, following them as well as the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and other related laws and ordinances, take measures for the proper management of important information and the prevention of insider trading. We are making efforts to ensure the importance of the prevention of insider trading is throughly disseminated by limiting the number of our executives who can access the folders that contain important information, absolutely prohibiting them from leaking such important or possibly important information or buying and selling the stock certificates and such others that concern such information, and conducting educational campaigns for all the employees in our company group.

Future Perspectives

Among the business results we disclose every quarter and the information we release on this website are our current plans, future perspectives, strategies and so on. Although we are making efforts to improve the preciseness of such information as much as possible, there are certain degree of uncertainty and risk there except in the past information which is absolutely factual. Thus we have to accordingly compromise and decide their credibility just as reasonable judging from the information currently available; so please note that the business results and such others we will actually release in the future may change drastically depending on the external factors like economic conditions, market trends, changes in taxes and other systems and so on. We kindly ask you to refrain from making your investment decisions fully depending on these future perspectives and such others.

Quiet Period

We set a quiet period for four weeks before the day of an announcement of our business results to prevent the leakage of the information on our settlement of accounts during the preparation time for a financial results briefing and its influence on stock prices and to secure the fairness of trading. During this period, we refrain from answering any questions or making any comments on our settlement. However, if the actual results are likely to become significantly different from what are expected during this quiet period, we will disclose the information timely according to the Timely Disclosure Rules.

About Stock Quatations

Stock prices are solely decided by their buying and selling in the market. Our company will not make any comments as to our stock price, volume, or facts of occurrence.