SYSTEM MODULE Detail of Function

Mass-produced Management

Visualized information helps you to optimize inventory based on preliminary order and order information. This helps to reduce stock risk, material costs and improve productivity.

Product Master

Register basic product information. In addition to information such as product images, number of safety stocks, sales unit price, etc., it is also possible to register the processes involved in the product and the materials/finished products/semi-finished products that compose the product.

Preliminary Order/Order Information

Register preliminary order and order information. Based on the registered information, calculate requirement for finished products, semi-finished products, and material stocks.


Register material orders and arrivals. List management prevents omissions of orders and arrivals. In addition, it is possible to register based on stock-out forecasts, and manage orders at more appropriate times. By linking with deposit and withdrawal management, purchase requests for materials and purchasing parts can be received in real time, planned and efficient orders are available as well.

Product/Material Stock Calendar

Based on the number of actual stocks of products (finished products/semi-finished products) and materials, the number of safety stocks can be considered according to the number of preliminary orders and order information. The stock calendars can be used to check the timing to prevent stock shortages or excesses.

Production Schedule/Edit/Result

Register and edit production schedules for each equipment. You can change equipment utilization plan information easily by sharing it of each equipment on equipment Gantt chart when interruptions occur. The planned production schedule can be checked and the actual results can be registered on field terminal.

Field Terminal

Process/Material Stock List

You can check the number of actual stocks and stock amount (cost or estimate) for finished products, semi-finished products, and materials. It helps you to know stock status easily from a list.

Mass-produced Management

The manufacturing timing of consumable parts can be linked to the manufacturing management order information to manufacture maintenance parts systematically. By managing the number of mold shots and share maintenance information, it is possible to identify parts with high maintenance frequency based on past history and link this to improvements for the next mold to create.

Deposit Management

Streamline post-inspection administrative procedures such as issuing processing of bills and payment checking. It is also possible to confirm the account receivable information (sales/deposit/receivables) for each customer based on your company's closing standards.

Account Receivable Management

Lot Trace

Ensure traceability of products and materials. The lot numbers automatically assigned to each product and material can be used to track them and identify the spillover range when a problem occur. Utilizing such a traceability system enables you to investigate the cause of defective products, determine the extent of the impact, and conduct limited recalls to improve customer satisfaction.

Progress/Sales/Close Processing

Confirming production progress after receiving order. Unitary management of information such as acceptance inspection, billing, and closing processing of deliverables based on shipment and credit management information helps confirmation easily and prevents work omissions.


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