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[CGS-Customer], our technical support site, is available to the users who have newly added CAM-TOOL solutions products to their system, or who have the software license. CGS-Customer provides the best solutions to address the needs required of the system operation, to the users with cam-tool solutions products.

* To browse this Web site, the password, which you receive after purchasing the contracted services contract from C&G SYSTEMS, is required.

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System Updated

System Updated

Tooling DB Updated

  Update & Download

Information about the software, hardware, upgraded version items, and updated programs are available.

  Web Documents & Manuals

Information about the software, upgraded version items, and technical documents, reference manuals, updated programs are available.


Answers to the frequently asked questions about cam-tool solution products can be found.

  Hardware & Driver

Hardware information for using CAM-TOOL Solutions is available here.

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