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Check the latest issue on version upgrade information about GP products; cam-tool V3, CAM-TOOL C3 or machining cases of sample parts !

June 30, 2004
Machining case of [Z-level Cutting with Multiple Tools]
We requested FUKUDA ENGINEERING CO., LTD. (Kisai, Saitama), who has been dealing with a wide variety of works, such as modeling to producing of auto-parts mold, to perform a test cutting of cam-tool V3 new function: [Z-level Cutting with Multiple Tools]. We would like to introduce Mold Design department, NC section manager in FUKUDA ENGINEERING CO., LTD, Mr. Takahashi’s comments in this month.

September 25, 2003
Machining case of [Z-level Finishing-Bidirectional Traveling]
cam-tool user: MEGARO
We requested MEGARO (Yaizu, Sizuoka), who have been implementing from sample modeling of auto parts related products to Mold and Die manufacturing, to perform a test cutting of our new mode: [Z-level Finishing - Bidirectional traveling] upgraded in cam-tool V3. We would like to introduce the comment of executive, project section general manager Yasushi Hisano. in MEGARO.