Multiple setups of jobs would be required when the machining couldnft be finished from one direction. These multiple setups prevent the efficient and accurate cutting of the mold or component, because the work piece has to be manually re-positioned, re-indicated, and picked up again before machining can continue. 3+2 axis machining with gCAM-TOOLh eliminates the extra setups by machining from different directions, and improves both the efficiency and the accuracy. C&G SYSTEMS INCI. would like to recommend gOne-Setup Complete Machiningh, using 5-axis machine tool with gCAM-TOOLh.
    3 + 2 Axis Machining
    CAM Functions
  • - Control of tip & rotate axis
  • - Highly accurate tool path
  • - Optimization of tool path from different directions
  • - ATC postprocessor
    Reducing of machining processes
  • - Highly accurate & highly effective in mold-making
  • - Expansion of coverage for direct machining
  • - Shortening of machining-time by Optimization
  • - Reduction in set-up operations