Module Configuration

Main module of the modeling functions. Packed with the commands for developing the model data that are dranslated from such as, IGES / DXF input/output , SolidWorks intermediate file input/output, RPS output, [Wire], [Surface], or [Edit Wire/Surface] command, etc. With an effective combination of CAM module functions, the smallest configuration as CAM system can be created.
Contains a wide variety of surface modeling functions that are used in 3D designing for a Mold or Die-specific surface model and modeling for machining process.
SculptureCAM 2.5D
2D Cutting , 2.5D Cutting, Round of Cavity, Round of Core, Contour Cutting or Flat Cutting facilities required in mold making industry are available.
SculptureCAM 3D
Main CAM module, including Contour Cutting to Z-level Cutting. As the advanced cutting functions of our product CAM-TOOL C3 has been turned over, high-grade Rough Cutting, Semi Rough Cuting, Finishing, Re-machining can be performed. Optimization of NC data function is available to support improvement of efficiency and unattended machining.
3 + 2 Axis
MX postprocessor & opt.
5-axis Simultaneous
Output Simultaneus 5-Axis NC data NEW!
SculptureCAM HOLE
Utilizes the defined hole entitiy fot varios drilling strategies. Drilling strategies( Cannned Cycle Drilling,Chamferring,G01 Drilling ). Possible to simulate and optimize,along with other 2.5D/3D CAM data.
ScluptureCAM Plunge
Vertical (axial) drilling module which are effective for Rough Cutting / semi Rough Cutting of large mold.Offers efficient Rough Cutting by using functions such as Pre-Hole Ctting, Plunge Cutting or Plunge on Surface.
Plate CAM
Plate Cutting module specializes in cutting Hole / Pocket / Slide.
CL Editor
CL Editor allows you to execute various editing operation of CL data such as modifying a path or a segment, or moving or copying the whole data.

CL data (tool Center Line data) created in each cutting mode can be translated into NC data via a post processor.
• Nurbs - Function of converting into nurbs
• Nurbs (FANUC) - NURBS Postprocessor fo FANUC
• Nurbs (OSP) - NURBS Postprocessor fo OSP
• Nurbs (YASNUC) - NURBS Postprocessor fo YASNUC
• Nurbs (TOSNUC) -NURBS Postprocessor fo TOSNUC

Direct Translator
CATIA Unigraphics, I-DEAS, Pro/Engineer, CADCEUS, SolidWorks intermideate file available (CADCEUS; input only)
CAM Processor
CAM calculation only software. If a computer for CAM calculation is set up on a network, remote calculation of SculptureCAM (2.5D, 3D, Plunge) in the profiles created by cam-tool V3 can be performed. (CAM Processor and cam-tool V3 can not be installed together in a computer.)
Create Electrode
Reduces processes on discharge, from creating Electrode to creating Process sheet.