July 22, 2005
New product announcement
Mold manufacturing CAM system, "cam-tool MX"

Press Release
New product, mold manufacturing CAM system for 5-axis machining center

Sales starts on September 12

GRAPHIC PRODUCTS INC. (Shibuya, Tokyo JASDAQ6886) announces the release of the new product, mold manufacturing CAM system, "cam-tool MX" which provides "One-Setup Complete Machining" with high-precision/high efficiency.
"cam-tool MX" allows our main customers, mold manufacturing companies, to use 5-axis machining center effectively. It leads to shortening delivery and reducing cost.

Sales of "cam-tool MX"
• This product will be available in September 12, 2005

• It will be informed shortly.

Background of development of the new product

Recently, new models of 5-axis machining center have been brought to the market from domestic machine builders as well as overseas builders. Range of users of 5-axis machining center has been expanding from particular market such as aircraft parts production to "multi-sided machining" (One-Setup Complete Machining) such as complex shape parts.
On the other hand, 3-axis machining is still the main stream for mold manufacturing companies. We have been supporting high-quality mold manufacturing by providing high-precision/high-efficiency 3-axis machining which has been highly evaluated by many users. However, in the case of requiring a multi-sided machining that cannot be done by only 3-axis function, productivity and mold's precision may not be kept due to the necessity of changing the work position and direction again and again.

The 5-axis machining strategy we suggest to mold manufacturing companies is "One-Setup Complete Machining". In the "One-Setup Complete Machining", a work can be automatically tilted and rotated to proper position instead of being replaced manually. Using 5-axis machining that combines traditional 3-axis machining which is the stable technology and 5-axis positioning makes mold manufacturing more efficient.
GRAPHIC PRODUCTS INC. has developed "cam-tool MX" as a mold manufacturing CAD/CAM software to perform 5-axis machining with high-precision/high-efficiency.
Photo: Machining by 5-axis machining center / Machining sample

Outline and features of the new product
"cam-tool MX" enables to create a wide variety of tool path by specifying the machining plane in the modeler and using high-precision/high-efficiency 3-axis programming strategies which have been highly evaluated in the mold making market. Additionally, optimization, which can recognizes the stock model after multi-sided machining, enables to provide a safe machining data efficiently.
Moreover, "cam-tool MX" makes it possible to perform multi-sided machining with a single setup.

Figure: Screen image of "cam-tool MX"

Positioning direction
Cutting direction can be set by specifying any plane in the modeler, and the direction can be confirmed visually in the system, And under-cut area from the specified cutting direction can be displayed. Therefore, it provides a safe machining and it is useful to plan machining processes.

Optimizing from multiple directions
Delete air-cut
• Auto-clearance length
• Interference check (Tool shank, holder)
• Calculation of the proper protrusion length

And, it has the function that displays the stock model on the screen to check the result of multi-sided machining quickly.

By inputting the origin in the modeler and the position where the work is set (cutting origin and Z-axis direction) in post processor, tilting and rotating angles are calculated automatically and NC data is created. Therefore, creating machining program does not depend on the work position. And it is available for
ATC that unite multiple processes.