"CAM-TOOL" Unified Brand Name.

Mar 17, 2009
To whom it may concern,

The Japanese brand name "tools V3, tools MX" and overseas brand name"cam-tool V3, cam-tool MX" will be unified to "CAM-TOOL". With this product name unification, we aim to enhance its global brand value.

The unified product name
Version of the unified representation
    System Name [ Next Version ]
    System Name
    CAM-TOOL Version5 [ 3-Axis ]
    tools V3 Version4.0 [ Japanese ]
    cam-tool V3 Version4.0 [ World Wide ]
    CAM-TOOL Version5 [ 5-Axis ]
    tools MX Version2.0 [ Japanese ]
    cam-tool MX Version2.0 [ World Wide ]