cam-tool V3 Version 4.0 /
cam-tool MX Version2.0 New Released.

Jan, 2009
Power up for large parts machining!
Main new functions in both system
  1. Re-machining along surface
    It can create tool paths automatically at the ride-line/gutter parts where have the remains the former processing couldn’t cut. Created tool paths are the offset paths along the surface at the gentle slope parts and Z-level paths at the steep slope parts, which is divided by specified angle. So, it enables to machine more efficiently for the corner machining after roughing. And also, it is highly effective to finish the large parts.

  2. Speeding up of calculation
    Calculating time has been reduced by more than 50%.
      <Comparison between Ver3.4 and Ver4.0 >
    • Calculating way :
      Number of parallel calculations is 4 
    • Hardware spec :
      CPU:Intel 2.66GHz QuadCore CPU &WinXP x64
    • Information :
      Model Size Dx=2100,Dy=1290,Dz=494/File Size 109,254KB/Number of profiles 111/Chordal deviation 0.01-0.05

  3. Major upgrade of New CL Editor
    The latest CL Editor has the all functions of previous one. In addition, it enables to reflect the CAM operator’s know-how in the tool paths.

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