cam-tool V3 Version 3.4 / cam-tool MX Version1.4 released.

Feb, 2008
To whom it may concern,

In Version3.4, we enhanced many functions especially for 2-Axis machining, machining for parts and machining for a large size of work. A variety of new functions such as [2.5 Structure] which recognize 2-Aixs cutting area from surface information, [Cutting range] function which can create tool path only by selecting surface to be processed, [New CL editor] which can edit a large amount of CL data have been added and it enables various type of machining.

Main new functions in both system
  1. 2.5 Structure
    Sections to be machined in 2-Axis can be automatically recognized by the specified surface, and 2-Axis contours are extracted. 2-Axis machining has been mainstream in mold & die industry and when creating 2-Ax-s machining data needs to be created, an operator had to create each contour using surface. This [2.5 Structure] function reduce operating time for 2-Axis machining and shorten lead time for creating machining data.

  2. Cutting range
    Tool path can be created easily only by selecting surface to be processed. It is useful especially for part-cutting. To create tool path for the particular area, in previous version, operator had to create a surface for adjustment. This function enables operator to create scanning line tool path for top surface and Z-level tool path for side surface, even for the 3D models with uneven shape.

  3. New CL Editor
    New CL Editor makes it possible to edit a large amount of CL data. It makes it possible to edit multiple CL data at a time and it improves its operability. When operator tries to create high- precision CL data in the current CL Editor, the data volume becomes vast and it leads much load on the hardware. If you use new CL Editor, the load on the hardware will be drastically reduced.
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