cam-tool V3 Version 3.3.2 / cam-tool MX Version1.3.2 released.

Sep, 2007
To whom it may concern,

In the new version, I am performing loading of a new function, and strengthening of the existing function for shortening of the machining time by the improvement in the operativity by the simplification of operation, and the increase in efficiency of a path to Mayne.

cam-tool Solutions Main functions
  1. Z-level Re-machining : New cutting mode !
    Remaining parts are detected automatically, then machined by Z-level cutting.

  2. CL Angle
    To change the machining direction, approach and escape direction, without changing the position of milling part.

    To avoid interference by changing machining direction

    Supported for Trunnion Type and Universal Type

  3. Sculpture CAM HOLE "New Strategies"
    Another 5 strategies for hole cutting have been added, corresponding to various processes of hole machining.
    • Circular Hole Rough Cutting:Roughing for hole by end-mill
    • Circular Hole-bottom finishing:Finishing for hole-bottom by end-mill
    • Circular Hole-wall Cutting:Finishing for hole-wall by end-mill
    • Circular Hole-step cutting:Finishing for hole-step by end-mill
    • Helical Tapping:Tapping with helical movement
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