cam-tool VIS-A-VIS Version2.0 released

Sep, 2007
To whom it may concern,

We are pleased to announce that GRAPHIC PRODUCTS.INC has released [cam-tool VIS-À-VIS Version2.0] as a conceptually new 3D CAM system with self-practical database for molds and dies.

In this new version, practical machining conditions are mounted onto database. Moreover, machining condition converter that enables users to re-use “Calculation Process Sheet” and “Cutting Profile” of cam-tool V3, direct import from other CAD data (cam-tool V3, IGES and DXF), healing functions for the modeling surfaces and etc, have been also added. Those new functions provide the simpler operating environment than previous version.

Main functions of cam-tool VIS-À-VIS Version2.0
  1. Acquirement of the cutting shapes, Modeling, Healing
    CAD data of cam-tool V3, IGES and DXF can be input into cam-tool VIS-À-VIS by "Drag & Drop". It has been also possible to check and revise the imported surfaces, and to create necessary surfaces for CAM, by modeling and healing commands.

  2. CAM-Project”, Machining-Pattern
    Machine type, cutting material, tool initial position and etc, can be specified in the “CAM-Project”. Moreover, “Sub-Project” helps users to manage plural machining parts in a single “CAM-Project”. In the “Search Machining Pattern/Process” dialog box, the registered “Machining Pattern” and “Machining-Process” can be selected, confirming not only their names but also their contents or cutting tool information.

  3. Layer Function
    Layer function has been newly adopted, being replaced from “Shape Pallet”. The visibility of layers for model data and IGES data can be controlled, that makes CAM operation easier.

  4. Edit List
    It has been possible to review and edit all machining conditions for each machining process in the independent dialog box. Adopting “Copy & Paste” improves editing operation for machine process more easily.

  5. Database
    Unified dialog box for each database has enhanced its convenience. It enables CAM parameter setting and editing to be done more easily. Moreover, the practical machining conditions of particular machine builder and cutting tool maker have been also pre-installed as “Maker’s Practical DB”.

    [ Suppliers of "Maker's Practical DB" ]
    Machine Builder: Sodick Hightech Co., Ltd.
    Cutting Tool Maker: NS TOOL CO., LTD.

  6. New Machining Strategies (optional items)
    Three practical and reliable cutting modes in cam-tool V3, [Z-level Scanning-line Rough Cutting], [Scanning-line Cutting] and [Horizontal Area Cutting], has been added. Those additions enable users to utilize more variety of machining strategies.

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