Hole Module New Released with
cam-tool V3 Version 3.3 / MX Version1.3

Nov 29, 2007
To whom it may concern,

We will introduce new version of cam-tool V3 and cam-tool MX, which are scheduled to be released on this autumn. "HOLE" module has been also added onto the product line-up newly.
HOLE Module( Option )
Utilizes the defined hole entitiy fot varios drilling strategies. Drilling strategies( Cannned Cycle Drilling,Chamferring,G01 Drilling ). Possible to simulate and optimize,along with other 2.5D/3D CAM data.

    Concept of Hole Module
  1. Efficient operations,combined with 3D/2.5D CAM
  2. Safe & reliable machining data of holes,intended for various shapes
  3. Corresponding to a variety of hole types,emphasizing multipurpose and flexibility
Canned Cycle Drilling
G01 Drilling
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cam-tool Version 3.3 Released
cam-tool V3 version3.3 has evolved, adding “Repositioning/Replacing of Approach” and “Editing of Horizontal Arc Approach”, etc. in order to quality improvement of the machining, as well as enhancing some CAD functions, like “Trim-Surface” and “Layer- Browser”, etc. Reduction of CAM operation time has been also achieved, enhancing “Extract Machining Area” and “Calculation Condition Sheet / Common Setting”, etc.
Work-Plane Management (Reducing the operation time for creating NC data)
Reduces the operating frequency of work-plane control, and improves the operability concerning multi-directional machining, uniting the management of work-planes (defined directions).

Enhancement of “Output Image” (Shortening the setup time for the machining)
Enables to output the multi-view images at once. (In the previous versions, it was impossible.) That makes creating of the “Machining Process Sheet” and “Machining Setup Sheet” easier.

G00 Conversion for Connecting Movement (Shortening of the machining time)
Reduces the machining time,converting long-distance connecting movement into G00(rapid movement).
Edit of Horizontal Arc-in (Quality improvement of finishing surface, Tool load reduction)
Replacing the horizontal arc-in movements into 3D-arc movements brings avoidance of the cutter marks for the following processes. In the semi-finishing processes, it enables to reduce the tool loads when approaching into large amount of stock remains.

Z-level Finishing : Extra Path on Horizontal Area (Edge-line) (Reducing the operation time for creating NC data)
Enables to reduce the machining processes, finishing the horizontal edges by using square/radius end-mill simultaneously in the “Z-Level Finishing”.

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cam-tool MX Version 1.3 released
In cam-tool MX version1.3, our product concept, “Reduction of the processes for Molds and Parts Production”, has progressed more. The practicality of cam-tool MX has been improved, adding new functions, like “Definition of Under-cut Stock”, “Dividing of Solid Model” that enables to simulate in case of the spindle-head must be located inside of the stock material, and “Limit Trim for CL-Path” that eliminates over-stroked area of NC data, etc.
Dividing of Solid Model (Reducing the operation time for creating NC data)
Only a necessary portion for "Optimization" is extracted from the entire material block. It enables to shorten the calculation time of "Optimization" in case of partial machining, and to simulate the specific machining situation, which the spindle-head must be located inside of the stock material. (Impossible in the previous version.)
*When the spindle-head is located inside the stock.......

"Optimization" can be processed by extracting necessary stock portion.

Solid Model Definition for Under-Cut Shape: Corresponding to Re-Setup Work (Reducing the operation time for creating NC data)
*Pre-machining shapeincluding under-cut portion

Enables to convert under-cut shape that represents pre-machining shape into solid model, and specify it as "Initial Work Solid". In the previous version, it required complicated jobs, like that virtual cutting data had to be processed to create pre-machining solid model (.gs5 file), including under-cut portion, for actual machining in the "Optimization".

*Possible to specify as "Initial Work Solid" in the "Calculation Process Sheet"

*Possible to output as solid model (.gs5 file)
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