cam-tool V3 Verion3.1 released

June 01, 2005
CEO Masakazu Tabata
To whom it may concern,

We aim to provide users more practical operating solution, and an intuitive and easy-to-use system, and now cam-tool V3 Version 3.1 is released. In cam-tool V3 Version 3.1, functions for checking models or modeling operation have been drastically improved, the current CAM engine for a large model has been enhanced, and moreover, calculation and the related facilities have become more convenient.
New Shading function
New command [Angle Shading] and [Curvature Radius Shading] have been added. It enables checking shape feature intuitively.
Angle Shading
Angle Shading dialog
Create Cutting Range Surface

New command [Create Cutting Range Surface] has been added. It creates cutting range surface, tangent surfaces of electrode model and horizontal surfaces from the open edge of surface.

Blend Curve

[Blend Curve] function has been enhanced with new parameter [Keep Tangent Length]. Tangent length can be specified to blend two entities smoothly. It shortens much more time for flexible modeling.

Enhancement: Z-level Cutting with Multiple Tools
Adjust path for flats - Judgement ratio for flats
Controls outputting paths on horizontal area according to ratio between tool area and area of horizontal surface.

* For example, if you specify 0.1 for Judgement ratio for flats, adjustment paths are output only on horizontal area which has 10% larger area than tool area (cross-section). When you input large value for Judgement ratio for flats, adjustment paths will not be output on horizontal part which has smaller area than the specified ratio.
Sample shape
Judgement ratio for flats:0.1
Output paths for Z=7, Z=13, Z=25
Judgement ratio for flats:1
Output paths for Z=13, Z=25
Judgement ratio for flats:5
Not output
Enhancement: Compound Cutting Along Plane

When spiral function is used, connecting movement is not performed, or the number of approach/escape is decreased.

Enhancement: Calculation process window
Protrusion length division

Protrusion length division can be performed on calculation process sheet.
Optimization - Skip

Any process that is no need to be optimized can be skipped.
Command Aggregation  
  • Operation of executing Copy gcp has been changed. It can be performed on calculation process window instead of using start menu.
  • Comment can be entered on calculation process window.
  • Protrusion length division function has been added to calculation process window.
Enhancement: Edit Profile
Information management function included in model file

Information management function has been newly added to model file. It enables users to confirm relation between calculation process name and profile without gcp file. A set of processes can be restored form back-up of model file.


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