cam-tool VIS-A-VIS Version1.1 released
December 10 , 2004
CEO Masakazu Tabata
To whom it may concern,            

cam-tool VIS-A-VIS Version1,1. allows users to use catalog data of tool manufacturing companies and magazine set. Operationality of tool set such as reading catalog data into tool DB, adding holder set, registering tool and holder set to the specified magazine, has been improved. And, it provides easy-to-use operational system as GUI of machining tool DB has been improved. Moreover, Z-level Cutting with Multiple Tools has been newly added to perform high-efficiency cutting.

End mill tool data of Mitsubishi Materials Corporation, NS TOOL CO., LTD, OSG CORPORATION, UNION TOOL, CO. can be utilized.
Magazine Set  
Tool (tool set) can be specified for each machine tool. When you search a tool on CAM Main, use Magazine Set to load tools in a Magazine Set instantly which is registered for the machine tool. Line numbers of registration dialog are directly applied to T number, and D, H number can be set.
Magazine set
Shape palette  
Using palette enables loading all of shapes at once.  

Shape palette
Machine Database  
GUI has been improved and parameters can be entered easily and more intuitively.

[Specify Macro] in Machine Database
Machine Database