Our current CAM-TOOL is a CAM system for 5-axis positioning 3-axis machining (hereinafter called “3+2 axis machining”). Aiming at furthering the efficiency of the machining process, we will release the Simultaneous 5Axis Machining module as an option of CAM-TOOL in February of 2009. The Simultaneous 5Axis Machining module enables you to use the appropriate machining process, including Hole Processing, 2.5-axis, 3-axis, 3+2-axis or Simultaneous 5Axis. The operator will decide what method of machining to use, for any part of the project based on the required quality of the product under the operating environment of CAM-TOOL. This will enhance further the efficiency of machining processes. We would like to propose to mold builders, the use of this system to gain a greater efficiency in mold machining by utilizing simultaneous 5axis machining on a 5-axis Machining Center. In this writing, the characteristics of the Simultaneous 5Axis Machining module are described.


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