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Gets The Shop Floor Stimulated.


All quality manufacturing starts with a quality design. Gives you the power to present the design concept correctly.
You gain the power of working in an environment known for high-precision and high-quality manufacturing, allowing for reliable and consistent design information.

"CG Series" is the CAD/CAM system which bonds design intent closely to manufacturing results.
Makes Mold and Die manufacturing more exciting. Therefore, the shop floor gets stimulated.
"CG Series" is an add-in software for SOLIDWORKS®. SOLIDWORKS® is used by more than 1.3 million users in more than 80 countries in the world.

System Components

CG Press Design
[ 3D CAD System for Press Die ]

CG PressDesign is superior for Layout development, Auto design, and smart association

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CG Mold Design
[ 3D CAD System for Injection Mold ]

This is a perfect tool that totally supports processes from mold design to drawing creation.

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[ CAM System for High-precision Machining ]

High-precision CAM system with totally simplified operating environment, utilizing the reliable “CAM calculation program”.

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[ Products Design ]

All matters of the designing process will be solved with [ SolidWorks® ] innovative functions.

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System components

System requirement


Microsoft® WindowsXP® Professional SP3
Microsoft® WindowsXP® Professional x64 Edition SP2
Windows 7® Professional (32bit)
Windows 7® Professional (64bit)


Intel® Core™ 2 Duo or more
2GB or more
16GB or more
3D Accelerator OpenGL® board


Microsoft® Excel2007 or newer

* Microsoft and Windows is a egistered trademark of MicrosoftCorporation.

Modern Architecture

"CG Series" has achieved advanced and high-level performance and reliability, because it is programmed to utilize the latest workstation technologies.

  • Native 64-bit SoftWare

  • MUlti-Core & Multi-Processor

  • Hyper-Threading

  • SOLIDWORKS Gold Partner


    C&G SYSTEMS INC. is a Certificated Gold Partner of SOLIDWORKS.

    * SOLIDWORKS is a registered trademark of SOLIDWORKS Corporation.