CG eModeler / CG BaseModeler

All matters of the designing process will be solved with [SolidWorks] innovative functions.

The system provides users the latest
and the best environment for designing

All matters of the designing process will be solved with [SolidWorks®] innovative functions.

Main function

[ Dimensional Analysis ]
Draft will be analyzed automatically when parting line is created. There are many options for checking such as draft analysis, curvature display, undercutting analysis and so on.

[ Molding Items ]
There are split functions such as cavity & core, slides, insert, which uses multi-body functionality.

[ Simulation ]
Parts motion, collision detection, will be displayed by animation. The animation file created can be output as AVI file, so working instructions will be output with AVI file.

[ 2D to 3D conversion ]
3D model data will be created using 2D parts drawing through DXF and DWG format.

[ SolidWorks eDrawings ]
This is a viewer by which you can open the model data created in SolidWorks and DXF data and confirm them.With eDrawings, you can share information even with the people who do not use SolidWorks.

[ Sheet Metal ]
Based on the thickness and bend radius, you can set the bending factor. Also, it automatically creates the developed shape from the created product shape.

There are modification functions such as editing by drag operation, auto error amending, batch selection of mutual edges and so on.So non-conformity from filet, draft, and sketch will be revised automatically.

[ Designing Table ]
Parts and assembly configuration will be created using parameter from work sheet of Microsoft Excel file.

[ Machining Hole ]
As typical pins contain individual machining hole attributes, it automatically recognizes the parts that interfere with a pin and creates the necessary machining holes. Machining hole attributes are associated to the CAM function.

[ Other ]
* Feature Parametric
Process of modeling will be saved to Feature Manager sequentially. The values of the modeling will be saved at the same time, so it is easy to amend last process, to add process, to amend model data.
* FeatureWorks
It recognize automatically from imported model data without feature data, so sweep distance and filet value will be edited directly.
* Configuration Function
Various patterns will be created inside same file as configuration. This makes it easy to create, easy to control parts and assembly with different size, different spec, different operation.

Modeling matters

[ DXF filter ]
Spline curve and ellipse curve will be converted to arc approximation or line, then output to DXF format. Then the designer will create a three- view drawing and/or section view for CAM consideration.

[ Electrode ]
It will create electrode from cavity and core by extracting electrode creation site. Spark Gap amount will be indicated independently, and plural electrodes also can be allocated on single base.

[ Involute Gear ]
Input information of weight transfer, base tangent length, radius of over pin and so on. A highly precise Involute gear will be created and you will be able to draw the involute curve.