CAM-TOOL is a five-axis-control-machining-center compatible, high-end CAD/CAM system with a hybrid CAM engine (Polygon and Surface Calculation). This Hybrid capability enables the direct machining to be applied to materials with high degree of hardness. In addition, it allows high quality and highly efficient machining in other situations.


Architecture / SPEC

Native correspondence is carried out at the 64-bit OS environment. It was released from memory restrictions and comfortable work environment is realized also to large scale.

    - OS -

  • Windows 7 Professional SP1 64bit

  • Windows 8.1 pro (64bit)

  • Windows 10 pro (64bit)

  • Windows 10 Education (64bit)

  • - CPU / MEM / HDD -

  • Intel Multi-Core or Multi-CPU / 4GB or more / 16GB or more

  • - Graphics -

  • 3D Acceleration OpenGL board ,Recommendation nvidia ,Memory 1GB or more

  • - Office -

  • Microsoft Excel2007 or newer


"Gpcam" is the Heart and Soul of CAM-TOOL with its "Tool Path directly from the Surface Calculation" using its proprietary algorithm which allows it to achieve high-precision machining.


In the case of "Triangulation Mesh Calculation" that many CAM systems adopt, the positional accuracy is degraded since the tool-path is generated along the Triangular shapes that are approximated from surfaces of the CAD model.
In the case of the "Surface Calculated Tool Paths" of CAM-TOOL, there is no approximation of the surface shape, so it is possible to keep the accuracy of tool-path. Since there is no gap from CAD data, CAM-TOOL's distinguished algorithm calculates the tool contact points on the original surfaces.


When machining by the tool-path with component points created using “chordal deviation” (tolerance in some CAM Systems), there is the possibility of considerable over-cutting (gouging) and leaving remains (stock) at particular areas with large or discontinuous curvature, and that may cause deterioration in the accuracy of the net shape.


CAM-TOOL calculates relocation of component points of the tool-path using its special algorithm, corresponding to curvature of the shape. This calculation enables the proper relocation of component points along the shape. This also achieves an accurate tool-path that is a tremendous advantage over the other CAM Software for an accurate reproduction of the model shape.


Machining Technorogy Center

CGS's Machining Technology Center is managed by technical experts, to support R&D activities.

The Technology Center is engaged in the testing and verification of the CAM System's developments. In addition, evaluation of the latest cutting-materials, cutting-tools and bench marks for our customers are responsibilities of the Tech Center. It is also aggressively involved in technology exchanges with cutting-tool manufacturers, machine-tool manufacturers and educational institutions. All of this testing and verification processes are accomplished by utilizing a high-precision machining center.