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Dec 8,2018
[Special Report]“CAM-TOOL” supports the mold manufacturing of TOHO VIETNAM
Dec 7,2017
[Special Report] Mold & Die Manufacturing in PT. RHYTHM KYOSHIN INDONESIA
Mar 25,2017
[Special Report] Mold Manufacturing by NARA M TECH (KOREA)
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Creative & Global

Our acronym logo of “C”, “G”, and “S” was derived from the initial of C&G SYSTEM. The proportional horizontal/quadrangle design of the letters expresses “Stability”. The color scheme design enhances the idea of “Environment” such as nature, the sun, the ocean and the sky, which is the theme of mold industry.


This expresses our intentions to be “Creative” and to be “Global”. “Creative” is the idea that we create high-value-added services in the manufacturing field. “Global” means that we challenge our business globally and also that we will Contribute to Global Environment” through our product and services.