C&G Systems set up Processing Technical Center in Ohta ward, Tokyo in February, 2008.  Ohta ward is the central district of “Monozukuri,” literally “material production.”  This Japanese word, “Monozukuri,” however, is used in a broader sense; that is, it means “having the spirit to produce excellent products and the ability to constantly improve a production system and process.”  
  At the Center, you can evaluate the numerical control data of our newly-developed CAM systems by cutting with actual machines. We also study techniques of cutting process for benchmark testing and of application of CAD/CAM systems at the Center. Our experienced and skilled staff members at the Center are willing to try to develop new cutting techniques in constant advancement.


  Processing Technical Center in Ohta with its elaborate techniques plays an important role in providing customers with our reliable products and guaranteeing high quality of newly-developed products and functions.

  The Center is constantly attempting to improve the quality of updated software which is modified day by day.  Its mission is to evaluate our new software programmed in accordance with our customers’ demands by cutting with actual machines and feeding back the results to our development section.

Snapshots in Cutting Room

The Center possesses a pair of machine complexes with multiple functions, such as high-speed cutting and five-axis processing.

Cutting Tools

Tools for cutting vary in diameter from 0.1 mm to 12 mm (shown in pictures).

Cutting Samples

Shown in pictures (from left to right) are a trial product of extra-fine pin cutting, a sample for evaluating the smoothing function, and a sample for evaluating five-axis simultaneous processing.

Evaluation Facility

In order to evaluate the data and results of cutting and its traces properly, a variety of tools are available, such as a stereoscopic microscope (left) and a monocular scope.

Job Training of Technical Staff

As another task, the Center periodically invites our technical staff members of each base and offers them the training opportunities at the Center to update their skills by learning the latest techniques and information on tools, cutting materials, and cutting.


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