Concerning the Executability of CGS Products on Windows XP

June 2013



Microsoft has announced that they are ending their existing support for Windows XP on April 9 (JST), 2014.

The followings are the confirmation items concerning the executability of CGS products in Windows XP-equipped devices.

  1. CGS products shall continue to be executable in Windows XP-equipped devices after April 9 (JST) 2014.

  2. However, after the ending of the support from Microsoft, no countermeasures shall be provided by them against any security threats that may arise in Windows XP, nor shall C&G Systems be liable for any malfunctions that may result from such threats.

  3. Microsoft is ending their entire support for Windows XP including security updates. Please note that in no event shall C&G Systems be liable for any resulting malfunctions of CGS products or of their peripherals, and no countermeasures shall be provided by us therein.

  4. Peripherals (printers, external hard drives, etc.) of future releases may not be compatible with Windows XP. When replacing existing peripherals, please make sure if such replacements are compatible with Windows XP.

  5. If any malfunctions occur to the existing Windows XP-equipped devices and the parts replacement of such devises is needed, there may not be any remedy provided unless such compatible replacement parts are available.

  6. In general, the devices equipped with Windows XP have become too old for use. To provide against new security risks and to enjoy better performance and higher efficiency with new technology, we encourage our customers to upgrade their PCs. Customers who consider upgrades, please contact our sales representatives.

Applicable Products and Versions:

 ・ CAM-TOOL (V9.1)
 ・ AIQ (V6)
 ・ CraftMILL(V8)

Thank you for your cooperation.


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