As a Japan-based leading supporter of the mold and die manufacturing industry, C&G Systems supports the improvement of the manufacturers’ productivity with CAD/CAM software developed exclusively for mold and die manufacturing.


I wish all of you a Happy New Year.

We, C&G Systems, are a Japan-based company that develops, sells, and supports the CAD/CAM system for designing and manufacturing molds and dies. There are many kinds of CAD/CAM systems developed for the mold and die industry; but we wonder how many of them are actually contributing to the benefit of the manufacturers.

Japanese technologies are renowned for their top-level excellence throughout the world. In fact, Japanese precise and high-grade industrial products are only possible to be realized by such super-precise and high-grade mold and die manufacturing technology. C&G Systems has been providing such a CAD/CAM system that can satisfy the high demands of Japanese and other Asian leading mold and die manufacturers. Our CAD/CAM system is currently in use in over 6,000 companies domestically and over 1,000 companies internationally. We are truly proud of our CAD/CAM system that has been fully developed with the help of Japanese mold and die manufacturers. We have our subsidiary companies in North America and Thailand; and we have newly set up our technical support centers in Singapore, Taiwan (ROC), and Shanghai (PRC) last year to provide our fullest support.

We develop our software and support system solely for our customer’s satisfaction. The products that are mass-produced using high-quality mold and die technology are also created with the intent of total customer satisfaction. C&G Systems aims to provide technical support that yields a profit in the mold and die industry; and by providing our products to the worldwide mold and die manufacturers we contribute to the improvement of their productivity.

One of the ideas of the Japanese philosophy of manufacturing is “Monozukuri.” It means “to continuously improve the production process to yield better products and improve their capabilities.” The fundamental idea is to build a comfortable society to give consumers a sense of security. As you know, in the disaster-stricken Tohoku area in Japan, still the strenuous efforts are being made for its restoration and reconstruction. However, in the midst of such a national tragedy, we can still hold up our diligence to learn and improve our ideas, values and culture to better resolve the situation.

The CAD/CAM system for mold and die manufacturing we have developed in such a constructive environment of Japan has abundant experience and glorious achievements that no other vendors can claim. We are glad to be able to contribute to the evolution of the manufacturing industry by providing our products to the worldwide end-users. We will continue to greatly appreciate your continuous support for our products.

Best regards.

Shuji Yamaguchi
President, C&G SYSTEMS INC.
January 1st, 2012




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