5 Axis Machining Technology Seminar & Demo sponsored by Indonesia Mold & Dies Industry Association held on October 27, 2011
 CGS ASEAN Technical Center held a 5 Axis Machining Technology Seminar & Demo sponsored by Indonesia Mold & Dies Industry Association on October 27, 2011.  It was titled “5 Axis Machining Technology,” introducing the high-precision and high-efficiency technologies actualized by our five-axis-control machines.

 This seminar was conducted by the collaboration of Mori Seiki Ltd. and DMG with the assistance of Nusantara Secom Info Tech (NSI), the local trade corporation.



 The visitors on the day amounted to more than 100, among whom were many Indonesians and Japanese as well as people of other nationalities, which assured us of how actively and energetically the people in ASEAN region are engaged in manufacturing.

 In our booth, many samples and models fabricated with CAM-TOOL were displayed, including copper electrodes and auto parts, such as insulators and headlamps.

 On the presentation, the photographic slides were shown both in Japanese and Indonesian.  Presented were specific products such as lamps of motor-bikes which had been fabricated with five-axis-control machines.  We believe that the presentation was effective enough to convince the visitors of the superiority of our five-axis-control machines.

 According to the questionnaire survey, it seems that not a few problems and troubles have occurred in relation to mold designing, modeling, and production processes in addition to those of human factors and others in Indonesia, where the manufacturing activities have been increasingly activated year by year. CGS, hereafter, intends to supply the technologies related to CAD/CAM, the support system and the updated and relevant information in terms of mold designing and manufacturing in order to cope with the above mentioned problems peculiar to these local areas.



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