SolidWorks Asia-Pacific VAR Conference 2011 (Aug. 10–12, 2011)

CGS exhibited the products of CG SERIESE at our booth in SolidWorks Asia-Pacific VAR Conference 2011, held in China Beijing, to penetrate CGS brand name to resellers in Asia and raise product recognition of CG SERIESE.

We performed demonstration with actual machine for two days, and on the last day of 12th, we carried out the presentation on the stage, and acted for reliability improvement for SolidWorks resellers, promotion of reseller contract conclusion.



Approximately 150 people attended it about the stage presentation and many potential resellers visited our booth, and we gave them strong impression of CG SERIES as a new product for Mold manufacturing. Moreover, it was a great opportunity to strengthen the confidence of resellers who’s in contact with as CAD/CAM manufacturer through direct talk.

CGS has strengthened our activity for SolidWorks reseller contract conclusion for the year as the highest priority of increasing recognition of CG SERIES and enlargement of sale in overseas local market. CGS will accelerate our effort for exploiting resellers in Asia and concluding reseller contract, and continue to work for establishing sales framework after next year.



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