SOLIDWORKS WORLD 2011 Report (USA) (Jan. 23 – Jan. 26 2011)

“SOLIDWORKS WORLD” is the international user conference and exposition sponsored by SolidWorks. SolidWorks has become one of the most popular 3D CAD software in the world. This event is held by SolidWorks each year for the SolidWorks users, distributors, and partners from all over the world.

This year it was held in San Antonio, Texas. The annual exposition is advantageous to all the SolidWorks users, resellers and partners. They gain knowledge by attending general sessions and conferences, and communicating with resellers, other SolidWorks users, and “Solution Partners”. In addition, they have access to “case studies” from around the world, plus the new and future SolidWorks developments.

At the SolidWorks “Partner Pavilion,” CGS has demonstrated our new products, i.e. 3D CAD/CAM system to be “added-in” to SolidWorks. This “CG series” consists of “CG PressDesign,” “CG MoldDesign,” and “CG CAM-TOOL.”



We have integrated mold design technologies and high precision CAM technologies, both of which we are proud, into the “CG Series”. We believe we can lead the world mold market with this flexible and fast mold making software. The “CG Series” have allowed us to achieve the “all in one CAD/CAM System” with designing and NC programming all available on the same platform.

“CG Series” attracted much interest from SolidWorks distributors as a 3D CAD and CAM integrated solution for Mold & Die. We will aggressively continue the development of these new products, not only for Japan, but also for North America, China, and South East Asia.




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