C&G SYSTEM INC. group (hereinafter referred to as the "our group") has established its own basic "Privacy Policy" as below in order, to be compliant with personal information Protection Law in Japan and other relevant laws for the protection of customers' personal information. ("Customer" includes all stakeholders - users, vendors, shareholders, employees, directors, and so on.)

1. Definition of personal information

 The term "personal information" as used in this act shall mean information about a living individual which can identify a specific individual by name, date of birth or other identifyers contained in such information (including  such information as will allow easy reference to other information and will thereby allow the  identification of  specific individual).

2. Purposes of obtaining and using personal information

 Our group asks customers to provide personal information on a voluntary basis. And in such case, our group will inform customers of the purposes of use in advance and use within the range of customers' consent.

3. Nondisclosure to third party

 Our group doesn't disclose personal information to third parties without customers' consent, except as otherwise required by the related laws or regulations.

4. Management of personal information

 Our group manages personal information properly and carefully. Also our group takes necessary and suitable measures to prevent an illegal access, a loss, breaking and leaking of it.

5. Disclosure of the purposes to use personal information that our group has

 Our group will use customers' personal information for the following purposes under laws in Japan.

Purposes to use personal information

< Customers' personal information >

  1. Event announcements 
  2. Responding to inquiry and consultation
  3. Performance of an agreement
  4. Contacts and meetings etc. on business
  5. Management of customers' information and accounting procedures

< Shareholders' personal information >

  1. Execution of the right and fulfillment of obligation under the Companies Act and other laws in Japan
  2. Providing facilities of our group to a shareholder in such a position
  3. Taking measures for shareholders

< Personal information of applicants on recruitment >

  1. Contact and providing information about recruitment to applicants
  2. Management of recruiting activities in our group



6. Improvement activities about personal information

 Our group will review our activities about personal information regularly and will try to improve them continuously.

Seiichi Shiota
President, C&G SYSTEMS INC.
Janurary 1st, 2010



Customer service about personal information

Please contact below contact information if you have any question about customers' personal information.
C&G SYSTENS INC. General Administration Department TEL:03-6864-0777

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