Jan 10, 2018

Ver3.1 Release in February 2018.

Further Pursuit of Efficiency in Hybrid Designfor Design/Drafting/Machining Work.
Supporting Global Design by UNICODE !!

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Oct 31, 2017

User Case Study for EXCESS-HYBRIDII.

Significantly reduce the required man-hours in intermediate modeling process for drawing press die by utilizing newly developed surface functions!!

Muramoto Industry Co., Ltd. has several production facilities in Japan and overseas, dealing with not only a wide variety of die/mold manufacturing, such as automotive parts, home appliances and information appliances, but also product assembly as well. Among them, Kobe Factory 1, located in Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture, does the designing and manufacturing of press dies, plus the manufacturing and assembly of tools and automatic assembly equipment. Today, we hear from Mr. Saiki, Mr. Tanaka and Mr. Kondo, of the Die Manufacturing Section of the Design/Die Group.

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Feb 6, 2017


 Digest Movie

Mar 11, 2016

We have opened a support site.

[CGS-Customer], our technical support site, is available to the users who have newly added EXCESS-HYBRID II solutions products to their system, or who have the software license. CGS-Customer provides the best solutions to address the needs required of the system operation, to the users with EXCESS-HYBRID II solutions products.

Support Site

Jan 19, 2016


This time , we officially released the " EXCESS-HYBRIDⅡ " in Dec 15.2015.

Development concept

Jan 19, 2016

We have published a digest movie.

Digest movie library

EXCESS-HYBRID Ⅱ PV / 3D Modeling History / Geometric Constraint & Constraint Dimension / Product Development / Trim Development / Surface / Layout / Prospective Deformation / Assembly drawing / Part drawing / NC

Digest movie


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