Design-2D Die Generic Function/Parts Function

Abundant command groups are prepared to support Press Die & Mold design. It is possible to call up standard parts, create a part list, and make an auto-release from assembly to part drawings.

Geometric Constraint / Constraint Dimension

Geometric Constraint and Constraint Dimension can be added to facilitate the shape change. Relational expressions enables parametric deformation linked to the standard dimensions. It is also possible to automatically add geometric constraints such as parallel, vertical, tangent, etc.

Bend (2D) / Yield / Layout Design

Bend (2D) allows you to create a development of bending figure or process chart automatically for the estimation of blank length. Yield can be optimized based on the condition such as pitch between products and check angle. Layout can be designed with the aid of functions such as Load Calculation and Create Cutting Edge, etc.

Plate Escape / Auto Clearance

Plate Escape can create an escape figure only by specifying the clearance amount of XY direction and escape type at the corner. Auto Offset can create a clearance figure automatically on the specified layer from the reference figure such as punch. Hole information can be added at the same time in both functions.

Standard Parts

Standard parts of FUTABA/MISUMI are available to arrange their part figures by simple operation. Registration of user's original parts is also possible. Besides, an order sheet can be made because the ordering information is included in each standard part.

Mold Base

Standard mold database of FUTABA is available to arrange its figure on each view by batch so that 3D data can be placed at the open position of movable/fixed side.

Parts Release

Assembly drawings can be divided into separate part drawings by batch. Part attributes can be described in each drawing automatically according to every user's title block. Connection between the assembly and its part drawings can be made if necessary.

Design-3D Modeling Function

Modeling (Solid & Surface) functions are available to edit figures in consideration of the requirements for Molds/Dies. Our own surface functions superior in specific shape processing for Molds/Dies.


Solid modeling functions are available such as extrusion, rotation, sweep, loft, cut, fillet, chamfer, draft angle, filling process, etc. Since it is also possible to specify the height on the side of 2D view, even a beginner can easily perform modeling without any discomfort.


Ruled/Offset/Trim/Fill/etc. are available for surface modeling, which is useful for the correction after model import and the handling of complicated free curved surface.
*Some surface functions may be optional depending on the system configuration.


Necessary lines are required on the space to perform 3D modeling. This function supports various curves such as trace curve, reference line, blend curve, fillet curve, etc. to help modeling work.
*Some curve functions may be optional depending on the system configuration.

3D Modeling History

Execution history can be recorded for every 3D modeling command. Edit of shape/dimension, Order change in the history and Rebuild are available to facilitate modeling shape change. It is also possible to confirm the modeling procedures by rolling back.

Create 3D Plate

2D plate figures can be converted to 3D model by recognition of plate thickness from the figures in side/bottom view or the projection face information, and by reference to the hole information in the drawing. Multiple 3D plates can also be created by batch.

Bending Development

Cylinder bending part can be developed at once. The radius and angle of the bending part are automatically recognized from the product to allows you to develop even if bending surface has formed shape. Lambda values are referenced from the master and it is also customizable.



Zebra Display

Zebra display on 3D body is available. Tangent line between faces and curvature continuity can be checked visually. The stripe settings are available for the number, width, color and direction.

Interference Check / Confirmation

Interference can be checked and removed between the models such as plate and punch created in 3D. Abundant check functions realized by 3D are available such as Draft to show the undercut parts in different colors, and Plane Height to display the faces in different colors at every height.。

Compare Models

Two bodies can be compared between before and after change by volume and face, and check the change visually. The comparison result can be created as a body to save the result. It is helpful in receiving the data for design change from clients.


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