CAM Option Machining Process (CAM MC) / Wire-cutting Process (CAM WC)

Machining process & Wire-cutting functions are available to create high quality machining data from 2D/3D model with abundant machining patterns and highly customizable post processor.


Drilling / 2D Machining CAM MC

NC data for drilling and pocketing with machining attributes can be easily created from round and deformed holes. Special fixed cycle output is supported, and automation by master construction is available.

2.5D Machining CAM MC

2.5D contour line machining of X-Y axis can be easily performed based on the information of plane view and section view. Even when the figure cannot machined by X-Y axis in 2.5D, it is possible to create a machining path by converting axis to X-Z or Y-Z.

Corner Smoothing/Trochoid CAM MC

Uncut parts by rough machining can be automatically recognized to create a machining path for them with small diameter tool. Trochoid machining path can be created to reduce the load and realize high-speed machining at the points where the load on tools becomes large.

Leaving Island Machining  CAM MC

Multistage path for Island Left Machining can be automatically created by applying the height from the machining face to the island shape in machining area.

Helical Tapping  CAM MC

In reference to the tool information from the master, NC data according to helical tap tool can be created. It is possible to specify the notch amount of XY to drive the machining area into inside by repeating several times.

Specify Finished Work  CAM MC

By defining multiple machined areas, you can create a secondary machining pass without waste. In addition, it is also possible to form a 3D plate that recognizes the machined area, which can be used for MC simulation and confirmation work.

MC Simulation CAM MC

Operation check is available by animation on CAM screen. "Remain" and "Over-cutting" can be detected before actual machining, which enables safer and more accurate machining.

Coreless Machining CAM WC

Coreless machining for round/deformed holes can be performed. Gradually-changed taper machining is also supported in coreless machining. Long unmanned operation of machine tool becomes possible because cutoff figure does not occur, which contributes to the improvement in machine operating rate.

4-Axis CAM WC

NC data for machining with different profile between top and bottom can be automatically created by specifying the figure of program/sub-program face. High accuracy data can be generated even if the profile is complicated.

Step Machining CAM WC

Wire cutting conditions can be set separately at the sections where the thickness changes, which allows you to create NC data that considers disconnection and reduction of machining failure. You can confirm, change, and delete the conditions easily.

Welding Machining CAM WC

It is a function to eliminate cutoff process by welding the core partially in machining. Welding points can be easily specified. Settings of machining condition and display of welding range/rate are available.

Combine Area CAM MC CAM WC

Holes with the same machining attributes can be combined as a single machining area to the common depth when they interfere with each other. Machining efficiency can be improved by changing the hole figure automatically to the ideal one for machining.

Approach / Edit Approach CAM MC CAM WC

Approach setting is available with Helical/Ramping for Machining and with Bell/CR/Slant/Multiple Points for Wire-cutting in addition to Straight Line/Arc. It is possible to edit the different approaches all at once, and make separate settings even for the same figures.

Edit Figure CAM MC CAM WC

Various CAD drawing functions are available so that you can perform graphic editing process on CAM smoothly to create machining path. Commands such as "Associative", "Stretch", "Corner", etc. are available to edit even the figures with machining attributes while maintaining them as much as possible.


Automation of NC data creation is possible by registering machining pattern, machining condition of tools, material and various machine information. Master edit tools can be operated independently of CAD/CAM application. Edit by referring to the existing master is also possible.

Post Processor CAM MC CAM WC

Not only post processors for major Japanese manufacturers but also special ones for foreign manufacturers are available. It is possible to customize NC format to fit a variety of user needs.


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