CAD Option Mold/Die Extended Function

Design support functions for Press Die & Mold including Drawing Die using 3D model are available. Customization is possible to follow the original design rule.

Prospective Deformation Batch Development Springback Trim Line Development Press Support Mold Support

Lift Deformation Prospective Deformation

Moving face surrounded with fixed face on surface body can be moved to the arbitrary direction for creating deformed surface groups. Moving/fixed faces and moving distance can be specified to perform the figure correction easily after trial.

Matching Deformation Prospective Deformation

Deformed surfaces can be created to match points and edges on the surface to arbitrary points and edges. Deformation is possible by specifying deformation range from the fixed surface group or points of before and after deformation to allows you to easily correct the shape after trying.

Rotational Deformation Prospective Deformation

Rotated surface body groups can be created. It is possible to deform by specifying the rotation angle and the reference line. Different rotation angles can be applied to every point. Figure correction becomes easy after trial.

Offset Deformation Prospective Deformation

Deformed adjacent surface groups can be created by offsetting belt-like surface of standing wall, top surface, etc. It is possible to specify the range and offset amount for deformation. Since it is also possible to specify different offset amounts for each point, it is easy to correct shape after trying.

Batch Development Batch Development

Blank shape from 3D model (drawing shape) can be easily obtained with thickness reduction rate as contour display, which helps reduce the trial and estimation process.

Springback Surface Springback

Springback and prospective surfaces, once experience and modeling skills are required, can be created easily. JSOL analytical solver is adopted as a calculation engine to improve the accuracy of punch-die model creation for the first try, which helps reduce the trial production.

Trim Development Trim Line Development

Developed outline or surface can be created by specifying the surface to be developed in designated direction and angle. Since it is also possible to specify the existing reference shape as a development face, it is easy to create the intermediate shape of drawing product. Contour display such as thickness reduction rate is also available.

Yield Press Support

Optimum yield can be calculated from 3D blank model based on the conditions such as pitch between products and check angle. Mirror layout and multistage layout are also supported. The possible patterns and yield information can be displayed as well.

Layout Press Support

Products can be developed into the stages after Yield. The bending process can be reflected to the model instantly by setting angle, bending, spring back, etc. Layout design can be performed by the functions such as Create Cutting Edge and Skelton.

Load Calculation Press Support

Blanking/bending/forming load on every stage and load center of progressive die can be computed. It is also possible to output the result in the drawing document or table.

Extract Cavity/Core Surface Mold Support

Split planes can be created (cavity, core, shutoff and parting) semi-automatically. Even when it is necessary to create a splitting plane by modeling, you can use it as a splitting tool just by belonging to a predetermined layer to work without stopping. In addition, since it is recorded as a history, you can modify easily and flexibly even when product design changes.

Split Cavity/Core Mold Support

Workpiece can be divided by using the cavity, core, parting, and filling surface to easily create cavity/core. Workpiece size is calculated and rounded from the product shape by specifying the clearance.


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