Base Viewer Function

3D model & 2D drawing import, simple dimension & annotation creation, and drawing information check can be performed.

Hybrid Display View

2D figure and 3D model can be displayed in the same document. Hybrid display is available by inserting 3D model into 2D drawings created in the past.

Data Import

It is possible to import 3D data formats: Parasolid/3D-IGES/STEP/STL/SOLIDWORKS/CAM-TOOL as well as 2D data formats: DXF/DWG/2D-IGES. Abundant translation parameters can save time and development costs after conversion. CATIA-V5 Import is also available with an option.

Simple Dimension / Simple Annotation

Dimension can be added efficiently by specifying how to display an arrow or tolerance in the dimension dialog box. Simple dimension can be created such as radius/diameter, length or angle. General annotation and leader annotation are also available.

Draw Basic Drawing Function

2D drawing & section view can be created from 3D model in addition to basic 2D drawing functions. Abundant output functions are available such as batch conversion & batch release of drawing file.

Hole Function

It is possible to place round/deformed hole with machining attributes, and to register hole information as master. Besides, interference between holes can be checked by diameter or depth information. Information of hole figure can be placed in the drawing as a hole list, or output as CSV format.

Create Drawing / Section View from 3D Model

3D model (Solid or Surface) can be converted into 2D figure such as front view, plane view, isometric view. In addition, it is possible to create a section view based on section position and place it on drawing view.


Correctable contents change automatically depending on the type of annotation, dimension, figure and each can be modified without command selection. Thus, edit work of dimension or figure is facilitated.

Auto Dimension

Dimension can be put automatically on the selected figure. It is possible to change the dimension type, and to set ON/OFF for creation depending on the figure. Batch change/delete of layout position is possible because the dimension can be created in a group.

Hole cross section

Hole cross section can be created based on information by Hole function. When changing the hole diameter and depth, the corresponding hole cross section is updated immediately. It can be updated even when changing the specifications of standard parts or the plate thickness, which remarkably reduces the correcting work of hole sectional shape.

Batch Conversion / Batch Drawing Release

Batch Conversion allows you to convert many drawing files to an intermediate format such as DXF at once. You can specify drawing files to be converted in unit of files or folders. Batch Output allows you to confirm with print preview and output to printer or plotter.


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