Headquarter (Tokyo)


Tennoz Central Tower 19th floor, 2-2-24 Higashi-shinagawa,
Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0002 Japan

- Main switchboard TEL : +81-3-6864-0777
FAX : +81-3-6864-0778
- Administration Dept. (Tokyo)
- IR Section
TEL : +81-3-6864-0777
FAX : +81-3-6864-0778
Sales Dept. TEL : +81-3-6864-0780
FAX : +81-3-6864-0785
Overseas Sales Dept. TEL : +81-3-6864-0781
FAX : +81-3-6864-0786
Sales Control Dept. TEL : +81-3-6864-0783
FAX : +81-3-6864-0785


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Develop the world with creative solutions.

In the sophisticated and diversified mold making industry, C&G Systems attempts to locate every customer’s needs/challenges, and also to provide an accurate and flexible solution that caters to customers' expectation.


As the largest mold solution maker in Japan, we will develop “the optimal solution” of mold manufacturing globally and transform ourselves into a leading company to provide our customers with full satisfaction.