Nov 1978 SEIBU SUOU CO.,LTD. founded by Shuji Yamaguchi C.E.O. Began R & D and sales of the company's own CAD/CAM software enabling the process of production to become more cost-effective and to be expanded in its capacity to at its best, while serving mainly large-scale die manufacturing industries.
Sep 1982 Began sales of ACE-I(2D CAD/CAM system software for progressive press die designing).
Oct 1983 Began marketing PCAD(CAD system software for mold die designing for mini computers).
May 1984 Established Tokyo Office.
Sep 1984 Developed CAD/CAM systems for combination die designing.
May 1985 Began overseas sales (first to Korea).
Dec 1985 Established Osaka Office.
Dec 1985 Head Office building completed.
Dec 1986 Began sales of EXCESS series.
Aug 1987 stablished Nagoya Office.
May 1988 Began sales of EXCESS series at UNIX version.
Mar 1990 Received “Excellent Company in Kitakyushu-city”.
Sep 1991 GLOBAL COMPUTER ENGINEERING CO.,LTD. founded as a joint company with GLOBAL ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD., Korea.
Apr 1992 Owners Award given to Shuji Yamaguchi C.E.O. by Kyushu-Yamaguchi Economic Contribution Consortium.
Oct 1994 Began sales of EXCESS series at EWS version.
Sep 1995 TAM CO. absorbed into COMPUTER ENGINEERING INC. for combining forces of their 3D CAM with our technology to create new 3D CAD/CAM software packages.
Apr 1996 Began sales of NeoMeister (3D CAD/CAM System Software).
Jul 1997 Began sales of NeoSolid (Unified 3D CAD/CAM System Software). 
Oct 1997 Began sales of TAM-BOY/NT system (3D Auto-Programming System Software).
Jan 1999 Began sales of EXCESS-PLUS at WINDOWS version (2D CAD/CAM System Software for Die Designing).
Jan 1999 Began sales of NeoSolid.Mold (Supporting Module for 3D Mold Die Designing).
Jun 2000 Established Technical Call Center.
Jul 2001 Began sales of NeoSolid.Press (Supporting Module for 3D Progressive Press Die Designing).
Dec 2003 Began sales of NeoSolid.CAM-EX.
Dec 2004 Began sales of EXCESS-Evolution.
Dec 2004 Began sales of AIQ (Activity Industrial Quality) for more efficiency in the manufacturing flow - from actual use of CAD/CAM systems to business ends of planning, calculating and managing the entire process of die production.
May 2006 Small and Medium Enterprise Agency of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry selected COMPUTER ENGINEERING INC. as one of the three-hundred most active companies nationwide.
Jul 2006 Awarded by the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO).
Jul 2007 Established a joint holding company, Alpha Holdings Inc. with GRAPHIC PRODUCTS INC.
Jan 2009 Established Shanghai Office.
Jan 2010 Merged with C&G SYSTEMS INC.

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In the sophisticated and diversified mold making industry, C&G Systems attempts to locate every customer’s needs/challenges, and also to provide an accurate and flexible solution that caters to customers' expectation.


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