For your needs – faster, easier to use and more sophisticated functions!
COMPUTER ENGINEERING INC. creates what our clients need. Our highly experienced staffs can find solutions and modify EXCESS-PLUS/Evolution and SolidWorks into the most appropriate specifications to suit your work environment and industrial productivity. May we also suggest making new functions and commands for you best applied to your needs and accommodating new possibilities to your business ?

The process of finding solutions

Customized Functions : List of Examples

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Inspection List
Exclusive Auto-dimension
Extract data necessary for inspection from the product dimensions on the product drawings, and the results of the inspection will be fed back to spreadsheets. The data on die/mold modification/repairs can be saved for product management and quality control.   Auto-dimension helps designers apply their own work methods and specifications to their creative designing. Those applications must be customized to their advantage. We support your creative needs.

EXCESS (2D) > SolidWorks (3D)
Create Electrode
When the plates on the 2D drawings are formed in 3D, and the hole interference will be detected without any difficulty.   Create electrode models from the cavity cores created in SolidWorks.

Other Functions
● Create order forms
● Exclusive clearance
● Exclusive hole lists
● NC output for profile grinders
● NC output for surface grinders
● Sketch tools

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